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Wenger and its sister company Victorinox are seriously trying to pry $50 out of me in October. This is the new EvoWood 18, and it’s a piece of work. It’s a classic 3.25” knife (closed) with 9-bladed pattern that’s wrapped in hand-fitting, stained walnut.

It features the famous Swiss army saw blade, bottle opener, scissors, and of course a solid drop-pointed straight blade. It’s a looker on a timeless frame that we guess is going to be a nice seller for them, even at the slightly elevated price point.

I’m just hoping Wenger doesn’t put a walnut handle like this on the old Pioneer/soldier style pattern next time. I’ll have to buy five — one to use and four back-ups.

EvoWood 18 [Wenger]
[Google Products]


7 Responses to Preview: Wenger EvoWood 18

  1. Roscoe says:

    Sister companies? I always though that Victorniox made the better tool and Wenger was an imitator, I never knew they were affiliated.

  2. ferris209 says:

    This is awesome, beautiful, nothing beats the look of wood grain to me. I just wished Leatherman would come out with a similar idea.

  3. David says:

    If the Victorinox were a locking bladed knife I would love to carry them, but I cut the living Christ outta myself so many times with my Swiss collapsing on my fingers growing up that I will never have a non-locker again.

  4. Pete D. says:

    Beautiful Swiss Army Knife. I have no use for finger nail files, but otherwise a good selection of tools. Like David, I’ve become uncomfortable with non-lockers. There are some locking Swiss Army knives around, but the common ones aren’t lockers.

  5. Erich A. says:

    Victorinox does make some excellent lockback knives, see http://www.swissarmy.com/multitools/Pages/Category.aspx?category=lockblades

  6. Lane says:

    Hmmmm. I used to make these for Christmas presents. Pry the red plastic sides off of a Victorinox knife of your choice and epoxy on a couple of wood sides of your choice. A little bit of fitting, some sanding and an oil finish and you’re done. I’ve used walnut, bubinga, rosewood and they all looked beautiful and I’ve never had one pop off, some after 20 years. Didn’t have the lasered logo though…

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