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One of my goals when replacing my kitchen floor was to get rid of the ugly dishwasher bottom plate and replace it with what looked like a seamless toe-kick along that bank of cabinets. I had a hard time figuring out how to connect the removable portion so I could access under the dishwasher, and finally settled for a friction fit. Unfortunately, the toe-kick moves around and shows a large gap. Maybe these Plinth Locks from Unika would solve my issues if I ever got around to fixing them.

Plinth Lock isn’t a new product, just new to us, as it has been available across the pond for some time. Using Plinth instead of toe-kick in the name of the product seems to be a giveaway that it isn’t made here. Previously I’d only heard Plinth used to reference the block that door molding rests upon in fancier installations.

The Plinth Locks eliminate external screws or nails and produces tight 90° joints in toe-kicks, filler panels, corner posts, or other places you need a hidden fastener. They keep inside corner joints tight where there may not otherwise be a solid connection. The two parts of the Plinth Lock screw to the inside of the joint and snap together. They look like they can be snapped apart too, but Unika doesn’t mention that.

When they get them in stock, Rocker will be charging $8 for a set of six.

Plinth Lock [Unika]
Plinth Lock
Plinth Lock [YouTube]

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5 Responses to Plinth (Toe-Kick) Connectors

  1. Wheels17 says:

    Angle Iron, screws, and magnets with a hole….

  2. Phil says:

    I used a roller style friction catch on each end of my add-in toe kick for my dishwasher years ago. Sadly, when I replaced the dishwasher the toe plate extended slightly further and I never put it back. Since the new dishwasher had a more finished look to it down below compared to the old one, it was not a big deal.

  3. Mike47 says:

    Our kitchen cabinet toe-kicks are ceramic tile that match the floor. I attached the tile to the dishwasher kick plate with epoxied magnets that I salvaged from old electric toothbrushes.

  4. browndog77 says:

    I install appliances as a contractor for large retailers, & I can tell you that the newer machines do not leave clearance for much of anything else in the opening. You would not be able to use these plinth brackets w/ most applications. The best solution? Self adhesive Velcro. If the dw plate is close to flush w/ your existing kick surface, which it should be on most machines, use a thinner material & overlap 1″ on each end. Shouldn’t be noticeable.

  5. midge says:

    Not Just a good plinth connection solution that is quick forgiving and built to last . Here in the Uk they are used for many other applications the new compact version as an optional locking system. Once you use them you feel lost when you run out or frustrated with other options. Uk carpenter & Joiner

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