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Utility knives are pretty much ubiquitous, but snap-off blade knives don’t require taking apart the knife to get a sharp edge. Irwin is looking to take this advantage of snap-off blades and use it in utility knives with their new 4-point carbon blades.

Irwin’s holding the info for these new blades pretty tight to their chest for now. All they say is you can snap the blades on the score to get a new sharp tip, and that the blades have four notches instead of the usual two, so you can have a fully extended blade after you’ve snapped off the dull one — although this pretty much eliminates the snap-off advantage if you have to take the knife apart.

Looks like you can grab a five packages of five blades (25 blades) for around $10 before shipping charges.

4-Point Blade [Irwin]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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7 Responses to Hybrid Snap-Off Utility Blade

  1. woodworker01 says:

    hmm, The distance between the points will be important if it is too small it sounds like a lot of work for another dull point.

  2. Chuck says:

    You had to post this the day after I bought a 10 pack of utility blades? 2 years from now when I need more, I hope I remember.

  3. Marco says:

    Seems a useles solution to an inexistent problem.
    I have an X-Acto kinfe I used for model making since I was 15, and that was 24 years ago. I still have that knife, still have the spare blades, still use the original blade. How? I know how to sharpen a knife.
    If we have to snap off, is from the use-it-trash-it bad habit.

  4. dreamcatcher says:

    While from a certain perspective this seems like a good idea (one that companies like Olfa has been using quite some time); as a professional remodeler I gotta wonder who this product is marketed towards… for what construction task is the point so important?

    I know I like a good sharp point while hanging drywall, but that is one of the few scenarios that I will actually re-sharpen my blades. I would think it may come in handy for batt insulation cutting although I have found it much easier to use an old boning knife for that. I suppose it could be a good solution while cutting old caulk, but what about all the sticky residue. I just cannot think of many carpentry tasks that only dull the point and the first 1/4″.

    Better for me to just use a quick change knife and buy blades in bulk. 10 packs are for homeowners, I buy a couple 100 pks at a time and change the blade often.


  5. IronHerder says:

    This is a comment I left on the 21st of June for the post on the Bostitch Twin Blade Razor Knife:

    “Just to pass along someone else’s idea: a millimeter or two of the tip of an ordinary utility knife blade can be broken off with pliers after it dulls. Voila! fresh blade. This makes snap-off blades seem more wasteful than necessary, maybe, as the snap lines could be much closer together.”

    Maybe sometime I will have an original thought, but history argues against that.

  6. zoomzoomjeff says:

    For me, more than just the point is dull when I need to flip around or replace in my knife.

  7. aaron says:

    i kind of like this idea.

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