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Reader Scottland83 recently posted this bad-ass vice and stand to the Flickr pool. It is the awesome, if a bit unstable-looking. Obviously there must be something holding the two logs together or Scottland doesn’t put a great deal of force on the end of that vice.

This is my set-up for limited shop accommodations. I added a leather cover to the mallet handle to slow the blistering on my hand, and I added a custom, extra-long yolk-style handle to the vice. I use this vice primarily for woodworking, for which I sometime switch-out the metal teeth for wooden ones.

We never get tired of seeing what folks with tools come up with. Especially when it comes out looking so damn cool. Hats off and beers up to you sir; may the blisters on your hammer hand be small. That sounded better in my head.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


8 Responses to From The Flickr Pool: Vice Stand

  1. george says:

    interesting idea on the handle. i just use a pipe for a extension when needed. as to the stand, no way that its not secured. if it isn’t i hope he wears steel toed shoes !

  2. Mister Peepers says:

    It’s spelled “vise”.

  3. dreamcatcher says:

    A. While the leather on the handle does look cool and manly, I don’t think it is a good solution to the problem. The imperfect fit and extra thickness of the leather will cause your hand to fatigue much quicker than if just holding the wood. A better alternative is to use a tennis racket grip kit or other aftermarket hammer grip that is made to prevent fatigue such as the Stiletto “Air Grip” or the Fast Cap “My Grip”.

    B. What is he using a rubber mallet for so much as to cause blisters? Chiseling? While I don’t know his intensions, I do know that my rubber mallet gets much less use now that I have a deadblow ($7 @ HF) and a selection of brass, wood, leather, and urethane hammers. If carving wood is his bag, maybe he should think about trying a wooden or a urethane mallet… one that is intended for carving.


  4. IronHerder says:

    P.S. to Mister Peepers: Not only was there a vice/vise confusion, there was a yolk/yoke confusion. Here’s hoping that all my words are spelt correctly so that there’s no yolk on my face.

  5. fred says:

    Is it “vice” in the UK? and “vise” in the US?
    I know its “cramps” in the UK and “clamps” on this side of the pond.

  6. turbogeezer says:

    This post triggered me to comment, as well, on the ongoing “vice” thing at Toolmonger. Just did a google in-site search:

    “vise” site:toolmonger.com
    About 4.620 results

    “vice” site:toolmonger.com
    About 5,700 results

    It’s like the Toolmonger editors don’t know that these are different words.

  7. fred says:


    As I said in an earlier post – the Oxford English Dictionary says that “vice” is the Bristish spelling of “vise”.
    As GBS said – “we are two peoples separated by a common language”

  8. @turbogeezer:

    To be fair the way you Googled doesn’t take into account if the words vice or vise were in the original post or in the comments. Since we only delete or leave comments be, it isn’t an accurate reflection on our fine editors.

    That said it wouldn’t surprise me if it was actually worse… I know the difference, it’s been beat into my by “helpful” commenters every time I make the same mistake, and I still do it. If you have to blame anybody blame us writers. Our editors past and present have enough work to do making it look like we can string two words together to make a coherent sentence.

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