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Nail guns are changing and evolving at the speed of sound this year. Duo-Fast has just come up with a gas-powered roofing nailer that they’e looking to put in play within the next six months. Roofing nails — didn’t see that one coming, but it makes sense.

The heart of the system is much like gas-powered guns you’ve seen before: a fuel cell with a 950-shot capacity and a battery that sports a 2,200-shot charge. The internal combustion action of the nailer is powered a lot like your car, except instead of turning a crank to drive wheels it cycles a piston that drives nails. In this case it’s not a framing gun, but a coiled roofing magazine attached to the feed instead of a straight rail system.

The kicker is you must use the Duo-Fast nail packs to operate the tool, which may or may not be an issue. The press release had this to say about the nail/fuel packs:

Roofer’s Choice Fuel + Nail Packs with PowerBoost Nails
The Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing Nailer uses Roofer’s Choice™ Fuel + Nail packs, which maximizes the tool’s performance and means you never run out of fuel before you run out of nails. Each pack comes with one quicklode fuel cell and six coils of nails (720 nails per box).

The nails feature the PowerBoost Black Tip Coating for superior ease of drive and a unique vertical groove design for better holding power than standard roofing nails. Each Fuel + Nail pack is enough nails to do two squares or 200 square feet of shingles (your typical roofing repair job).

It seems well thought-out, though we’ve also seen that it can be difficult for contractors to commit to this kind of tether — i.e. Senco — when there are other options in roofing guns that take off brand coils. However, getting the fuel along with the nails is pretty tidy and it may be worth it not to have a hose.

What do you think? Is cordless a big enough deal to commit to a certain brand of nails or not? Let us know in comments.

DFCR175C Cordless Roofing Gun [Duo-Fast]


5 Responses to Preview: Duo-Fast Targets Roofing Vertical

  1. fred says:

    Many of us have been waiting for a cordless nailer that had enough guts to handle roofing nails. Not surprising that ITW is now producing one – but would have thought that they might have put their Paslode brand on it rather than their Duofast brand. The strategy about thefuel canister and nails being only sold as a package – is similar to what they do with the newer cordledd Paslode framing gun.

  2. dm says:

    According to toolsnob, this kit is meant for very small repair jobs and not necessarily for full-on, full-speed roofing as the gun is semi-auto (needs to be trigger fired, not bump-fired like most pneumatic roofing nailers). Apparently the gun will only shoot 2 shots per second, so it is meant to be used when setting up a compressor and all that is too much of a time commitment and/or hassle.

    Seems to be a nice kit, although I don’t understand why they would include a lanyard for sales to professionals as most pros would have any safety gear necessary way before they would buy a one-off small-volume kit. Homeowners usually wouldn’t need a lanyard either due to much more substantial safety kits being available at most if not all tool rental shops for ~$20-30.

    Guess that’s why I’m not employed in tool marketing/design.

    My 2c.

  3. jar says:

    Finally! Good to see a cordless roofing gun out there, been missing for a long time. No suprise Duo-Fast cam out with it since they’ve been making roof felt staplers ever since I can remember. Seems like a natural fit. Can’t wait to buy one when it’s more available.

  4. fred says:


    bummer about no bump firing.
    While we leave the bigger and more exotic (standing seam and slate work) roofing jobs to those who do this full-time – we will tackle roofing on small additions. Our Hitachi guns speed the process – and I thnk that they will not even work sequentially without tearing them down abd changing out their triggers.

  5. rob says:

    this looks like it could be a hit in the siding world
    as they don’t put quite as many nails in and cover distances back and forth more
    no hoses hanging from the boom lift I’m sure the guys would love that

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