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It’s not every day you need to cut a tailpiece extension to length while you’re under the sink, unless you’re a plumber. When you’re on your back under a cabinet sharing the space with nasty gunk, bugs, or other unidentifiable objects the homeowner left under there, you want to get out as soon as possible.

In comes the P-TEC 2550 — it can create a clean and straight cut on the thin-walled pipe used for sink tailpiece extensions in as few as six rotations. It works on polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC both 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ OD. Plus, while it’s cutting it automatically deburrs and bevels the pipe.

Pricing for the RIDGID P-TEC 2550 Tailpiece Extension Cutter starts around $20 before shipping.

Cutter [RIDGID]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
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3 Responses to Tailpiece Extension Cutter

  1. Jerry says:

    Worth every penny of that $20! The piece shown that was cut with a hacksaw was clearly not cut while working under the sink. The “burrs” are correct but the cut is far too straight to have been done under the sink with all the “yuk” that is under the average sink.

  2. browndog77 says:

    The posting doesn’t say what the cutter head consists of, but I would be (am) surprised it doesn’t also work on brass. It wouldn’t need to be all that hard to cut the thin wall of a brass extension. That would make it worth double that $20.00!

  3. Mrten says:

    I would like one that fits more than two sizes of pipe. Last job I did involved pipes that were 110, 90, 75, 50 and 32 mms (yes, european talking here) and I tell you, deburring PE with a file is a major pain in the, rephrase, time-eater.

    Does anybody know of the existence of an universal one? I know flexible cutters exist, but they don’t bevel and that is a must when working with PP fittings.

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