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Browsing SureFire’s website, you’ll notice they specialize in combat knives, but they do make at least one utilitarian knife: the Crank. Their reputation must precede them, though. You can’t find it on their website, but one magazine advertisement for this knife claimed you could make a spear out of the knife by using the frame holes for lashing the knife to a stick.

The compact and lightweight knife flips open to reveal a 3″ stainless steel blade. To achieve its sparse 3.2 oz. weight, SureFire makes the frame from aluminum. At the bottom of the frame, a 1/2″ hexagonal cutout serves as a wrench, and slots cut in the cutout hold coins so you can use the knife as a makeshift screwdriver. Rounding out the tools on the knife are a cord cutter and bottle opener on the blade that’s exposed when the knife is closed.

You’ll part with $180 to own the Crank, but a good knife can be worth its weight in gold.

Crank [SureFire]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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15 Responses to The Crank: A SureFire Utility Knife

  1. Bill says:

    Maybe Surefire could stick to flashlights, which they do a pretty good job with. This knife looks like a large gimmick-y handle with a stubby blade added as an afterthought. A cord cutter? A wrench that fits one size bolt? Mercy! I’m surprised it doesn’t feature a carabiner and a pill organizer as well.

  2. I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but I’m in that sort of mood…

    I am in no way paid to represent this product, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love multi-tools. I thought this knife was cool so I wrote about it, but that’s just my opinion.

    I admit that maybe the last sentence could have been worded differently; it is what it is and will stand. What I was trying to say without getting too wordy was not that this knife was worth it’s weight in gold, but that it’s OK to pay a premium price for a good tool.

    Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t have your trusty knife and you didn’t have it, or where the knife you are carrying fails you? At that moment you think what you’d give to have a good knife in your hands. That’s the sentiment I was going for.

    Sam I would welcome any specific and constructive criticism about any of my posts…I’m not above admitting my faults and learning from them, but I’m afraid being called a shill doesn’t give me much opportunity to learn.

  3. @Bill:
    I liked your comment. My above comment isn’t directed at you, it was directed at a comment that was deleted while I was writing the response.

  4. David says:

    Coins for a makeshift screwdriver? You’d probably be better off using the back of the blade.

    I think the coin slot thing might be so you can make the, wh, ‘wrench’ part two other sized for loosening what would amount to already pretty loose bolts. I mean, c’mon, it’s aluminum.

    I carry this:


    albiet mine is 40% serrated.

    It has the three basics; knife, flat and phillips. The carbeaner thing is mostly useless, but I have used it as a bottle opener (designed that way) and have pried stuff with the little tab too. All in all it’s probably the best multi-function knife I’ve ever owned, and I reach for the philips all the time as it is well placed and well sized. Not too much clutter, just enough utility.

  5. Chuck says:

    The knife itself is Meh. However, it’s a more interesting commentary on what kind of knife a flashlight company would make. Plain and simple, it’s just not compelling enough to purchase. It absolutely reeks of something that they company made to give away to business partners, etc.

    “Hey, Lt. Bob, thanks for thinking of us when you placed the last order for lights for LMNO PD. Let me send you a couple of our Crank knives. Maybe you and the fellas will get some use out of them.”

  6. Dave B says:

    Benjamen, are you sure Sam wasn’t talking about that other comment that was deleted, the one about how manly and exciting everything was?

  7. cheerIO says:

    The knife just doesn’t work for me as a multi tool. I’ll take my 20 dollar Swiss Army Tinker over that any day. It can do a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

    I have never seen a built in cord cutter that was worth using. They have either showed up dull or get a tonne of crud and lint packed in them from riding in your pocket all day.

    The bottle opener seems like a good idea to me. But they should have put the opening facing the other way on the blade so it could have facilitated a “wave opening” action. Then they could have had another feature for their list.

    Over all I think the $180 price tag is hopeful thinking on Surefire’s part. If they price it high it will be worth the price. I don’t think so. I will gladly pay over a bill for my mulitools and some really nice knives. But to ask that much for an unproven design with (what I would consider) a mid-grade stainless steel blade, a few mismatched random tools, and an ALUMINUM handle? No way.

    It kind of looks to me like they are trying to recoup for some of the losses in the last few years from the influx of inexpensive and not so bad quality Cree flashlights that have been showing up, making their premium product and the more than premium prices seem a little silly.

  8. Aleksejs says:

    One interesting utility-knife that I found is Sog – Kilowatt:
    While dedicated wire strippers obviously perform better, I can see it as nice network cabling contractor or electricians knife.

  9. Sam says:

    My apologies to Benjamen, I’ve no criticism of your writeup. I was responding to the (now-deleted) comment about how the NFL on NBC yada yada…

  10. @Sam:

    No need to apologize, in fact I should apologize to you. I was a little self conscience about this post because I wasn’t as critical about the knife as I should have been. So I automatically thought your comment was directed at my post.

    In hindsight it was obvious. I even had the same thought when I read the deleted NFL comment.

  11. Ted says:

    Their EW-09 looks to have a bit more utility to it with 5 wrench holes (though the loose nuts/bolts would have to be pretty exposed to get this thing on them) and a 7075 Al frame. They appear to be pretty “ambitious” with their pricing and the “edged weapons” category title is a little gung-ho. I imagine their knives would come with a tin of face paint and a complimentary special forces decoder ring 🙂

  12. Note from the Editor: Some comments got picked up by the spam filter yesterday and this morning. We’re looking through the spam files to try to retrieve them.

  13. Chris says:

    Sam: Yes, that post was clearly spam, so I marked it as such. Apparently I did that right around the time Benjamen was responding. Sorry to both of you for the confusion.

    Audra: Probably not worth wasting your time digging it up, but a search in the spam comments for “NFL” ought to find it.


  14. Chris says:

    (And I removed Sam’s response to it because it wasn’t constructive, given that the original comment was clearly spam and leaving it in place wouldn’t have made sense at all once the spam comment was removed.)


  15. Christian says:

    I’ve never seen something from SureFire that wasn’t ridiculously overpriced. This knife unfortunately appears to be both overpriced and under-thought. I’m with Bill on this one.

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