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Shop-Vac’s turbo nozzle may not be a new tool, but it’s new to me. Let me back up. I own a dog, a German Shepherd to be precise. She loves to ride in my truck and I’m constantly reminded of this fact by the hair she leaves all over the seats. Whenever I get sick of the hair, I drag out the turbo brush from my Dyson and stick it on my garage Shop-Vac. It works okay, but doesn’t fit well and it’s only held on by suction when the vacuum runs.

Recently while walking around my local Menards, I was surprised to find Shop-Vac actually makes a Turbo Nozzle Shop-Vac attachment. I would have picked it up on the spot, but I try not to buy anything that’s not on my list to prevent myself from spending thousands of dollars in tools every month. But this just may have to go on my list.

The Turbo Brush fits any 1-1/4″ hose. Unlike many products with a “turbo” in their name, turbo is appropriate to describe this attachment. An air-powered turbine steals some of the energy of the air rushing into the vacuum to drive a rotary brush. While this isn’t as effective as a powered brush, it has the advantage of not needing any external power cord.

On the Shop-Vac website, the Turbo Nozzle lists for $8, which seems like a bargain — throw in another $7 to ship and that’s the cost of buying over the web, but why do most online stores list it for $24 plus outrageous shipping and handling charges? Who are they fooling? Menards carried the Turbo Nozzle for under $15. So in this case if you can find it locally, that’s probably your best bet.

Turbo Nozzle [Shop Vac]
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7 Responses to Shop-Vac Turbo Nozzle

  1. David says:

    Bought it. You are probably the best advertisement they’ve ever had.

  2. Billy says:

    Shopvac.com has it for only $7.99. ereplacementparts.com has it for only $15.55.

  3. Blind says:

    eh. My hoover upright vacuum has an air powered brush. I haven’t been terribly impressed by it. Is this one truly better?

  4. Alex M says:

    Ha! So I’m not the unique genius I previously believed myself to be… I gank the air-powered brush off my wife’s big hoover upright for cat-hair remediation projects. It’s just OK when coupled to the hoover but when you stick it on a shop-vac it goes up in pitch about three octaves and could be used to skin a deer.

  5. Thomas says:

    I bought one of these a few years ago. If dog hair gets wound around the brushes, then it requires using a screwdriver to open it up to clean it. Instead I use a turbo nozzle attachment salvaged from a vacuum cleaner (don’t remember what brand), which can be opened up without tools.

  6. Dave M says:

    Last weekend I discovered our dyson turbo brush attachment after a house move. That thing is awesome!!

    If the Shop Vac’s turbo nozzle is anything like my dyson’s one – it will be a useful attachment to have!

  7. deepsa says:

    Generally for non carpeted floors the Dysons and Hoovers dont stand a chance against Shop vac ( that too Shop vac sells for much less ) in terms of performance and time taken to clean.
    This attachment is a great addition and I use it for floor cleaning in my house, a 6 HP shop vac with a soft bristle or this brush and a little bit of scrubbing with Vinegar usually does the trick.

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