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A warm breeze wafts into your nostrils the faint smell of burning motor windings and blood that mysteriously hang above twin tracks of plywood glory. The tracks seem to disappear into the distance as the sounds of over-amped warriors stretching their power cords strike your ear canal with a defiant scream. It’s the scene of the second Ohio Tool Racing Championships, happening August 21st at the Columbus Idea Foundry.

It’s all there, as far as Toolmonger is concerned. The blood, sweat, glory, and tools combine to bring you a spectacle worth watching. Power tool drag racing has become one of those curious past times that create smiles and badassery in both the folks watching and those DIYers crazy enough to complete. Our collective hat is off to the event itself and those who take part in it.

Event Host
Columbus Idea Foundry – http://www.columbusideafoundry.com/

2-4pm Belt Sander Build-Off
4pm Belt Sander Races
5-7pm *Main Event* – Power Tool Drag Racing
7pm+ Celebrating Victories

At the Event — All Day
Idea Foundry Demos – ShopBot, MakerBot, Blacksmithing oh my
Local Artists Art Auction
Poster Making Competition
Food & Refreshments

If you are anywhere near the area it’s a no-brainer — check it out.

Ohio Power Tool Racing [Website]


3 Responses to Ohio Tool Racing August 21st

  1. FredB says:

    Guys will race anything.

  2. BG says:

    Ok, if I am correctly understanding the hand graphic on that poster, I love it!

  3. JerryD says:

    You can find videos of belt sander racing from a few years ago on YouTube.

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