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Bessey’s clamp extenders let you use a small clamp to do large jobs. They made the extenders to be used in conjunction with their DuoKlamps, but they should work with just about any clamp larger than 6″. The extenders can be used to clamp workpieces up to 65″ with 260 lbs. of force, or you can reverse the jaws to spread up to 70″.

The extender consists of two 36″ long bars which slide past each other and a set of inner and outer jaws. Both bars run through the inner jaws, which can be positioned anywhere as long as they’re over both bars. One inner jaw locks onto one bar, and the other jaw the opposite bar. By compressing the inner jaws, the bars pull on the outer jaws exerting the clamping force.

The DuoKlamp Extender runs about $30. Considering that an inexpensive parallel jaw clamp costs only a little more, are these extenders overpriced, or are they worth the money? Let us know in comments.

DuoKlamp Extender [Bessey]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Hot Or Not: Bessey DKX DuoKlamp Extender

  1. Shopmonger says:

    NOT…build easy shop fixtures for extending your clamps…


  2. Jerry says:

    Let’s see. I can get a 60 inch bar clamp for ten dollars – 2 for $20. For that $30, I can get 3 of them. Okay, okay – they are a bit shorter than the supposed 65-70 inches, but……well, you see where I’m going here. And as Shopmonger says, “build easy shop fixtures for extending your clamps.

  3. Nara Smervinich says:

    Can you provide some examples or links to instructions for how to “build easy shop fixtures for extending your clamps”? I’ve run into several situations where I came up short on a clamping job (my longest clamp is maybe 30 inches or so). If I could build some pieces to have around for th occasional long clamp job I’d love to have some!


  4. Shopmonger says:

    Ok I will try and give some examples.. One is to take a length of 2×4 and then tack some small pieces of 2x material on either end… so make a very shallow looking U. The clamp to each of the small pieces. The longer the 2×4 the longer you can stretch the clamps. another easy one if to take a 2×4 and cut 2″ holes in it 2″inches apart…..then put clamp end in the holes depending on how much stretch you need………this is a more adjustable way …..


  5. Gary says:

    Nah. It’s just a good excuse to buy more clamps.

  6. I have not used these clmaps myself but they don;t really look very durable. From the pictures they look like they are4 mostly made of plastic. HAs anyone actually used these?


  7. Shopmonger says:

    I have 8 of these in my wood shop and i love them, they are one of my go to clamps for most projects, yeah they are plastic, but as stated in many posts before …So What…intake manifolds are plastic today….plastic is now bullet prof in many applications so that is not a good indicator, for example i have some of the same style clamps from HF and they work good for quick projects also, but i would never dream of really squeezing down on them, i have in fact broken 3 of the HF ones, and yet when i try to break the DUO, i can’t, they take all the punishment i give them. I highly recommend them, and just wait for them to go on sale at LOWES and get them for a good price….I even use the quick change reverse feature when fitting a tight shelf in a case….. The one drawback is that if you forget to put the selector back, or it is in half way position it can get annoying when doing one handed operation. However, when using these one handed and that selector is in the correct position, they are wonderful, many a chest has been made with these in my shop, and i have had them for 3 years now……


  8. browndog77 says:

    I agree with you, monger, these are great clamps! I can’t imagine a woodworking project that would require more pressure than these can deliver without any fear of ruining the project or the clamps. The extender may be well worth the cost if the project warrants the extra length.

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