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Denker’s rotary planing and cutting head fits any rotary tool that will hold its ¼” shank, whether it be a router, a rotary tool, a spiral cutter, or tool with a flex shaft.

Made in the USA and hardened to 62 RHC, Denker claims the cutter can slice through tough hardwoods even if it’s green or has burls. They design the head to cut one chip every revolution, and it rides the surface of the wood to help guide the cut. It will cut a little or a lot of material depending on how you hold it against the wood.

Even though Denker claims “This is THE safest, most versatile, efficient ¼” shank power carving tool available,” I find something scary about chucking this cutter into a full-sized router like they show in the picture. A router has a large 1 to 3hp motor with a lot of momentum behind it. Besides being heavy, it will torque your arms when you tilt it, making it much harder to control. It’s hard enough to control a router freehand while resting on a flat surface.

My concerns aside, you can pick up this planing and cutting head for $50.

Rotary Cutter [Denker]
Rotary Cutter [Eagle America]

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7 Responses to Carve With Your Router?

  1. Jaxx says:

    This has got to kick like a horse, anyone tried one?

  2. Pete D says:

    Wow, same piece of wood as the previously shown “Hand Shave.” I guess that gnarly guy’s a star now!

  3. Pete D:

    Good catch. I’m guessing the photos were done by Eagle America’s marketing department rather than on the shop floor.

    It makes you wonder what tool they actually used to carve out that piece of wood.

  4. paganwonder says:

    Like the price but the idea scares the h__l! out of me- lots of momentum at hyper-speed.

  5. kyle says:

    You could use it in a smaller easier to control air or electric die grinder
    I would reccomend air because it is easier to control the speed of an air tool.ie regulator

  6. shopmonger says:

    I would like to hear form someone who has this, it seems to me a down cut spiral half inch cutter would be just as good, that is what i use for carving nad hogging out material


  7. Ryan says:

    I have the 1/4″ version that is shown in the router and the 5/8″ version for my angle grinder. The 1/4″ version works well in small routers. I use mine in a Bosch Colt VS laminate trimmer. It also works well in a die grinder, you just have to be able to regulate your speed depending on the material you are cutting.

    The 5/8″ version replaced my “chain saw” discs. I used those for years and always got kick backs. Never like them! This tool takes out just as much material and I much better control of the cutting action.

    I didn’t believe these cutters would do everything they claim to but I was impressed!

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