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It’s bad enough that you have to drag the extension cord around to use non-battery powered electric yard tools, but you still have to figure out where you’re going to store that extra cord when you’re done.

Lee Valleys’ cord storage hooks let you turn the wasted space on your yard tool’s handle or shaft into a good place to keep that extra cord. Reinforced rubber belts hold the plastic hooks on any handle or shaft up to 1-1/2″ in diameter. Both hooks swivel when you want to remove the cord and are easy to reposition. The pair of hooks also comes with a cord-retaining clip to keep the loose end of the cord.

If you space the hooks 18″ apart they’ll hold up to 100′ of 16ga extension cord — your distance may vary depending on the gauge of your cord and how far apart you space the hooks. Since I can’t quite read the labels in the picture and I can’t find any other retailer selling the hooks, I’m not sure where these are made, but you can pick up a pair of these cord storage hooks for $10 at Lee Valley.

Cord Storage Hooks [Lee Valley]

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2 Responses to Store The Extra Cord On Your Yard Tools

  1. Jaxx says:

    Hmm could make something very similar with some old door handles and some cable ties. Otherwise not bad at all for 10 bux.

  2. Paul says:

    Now THIS is why I read toolmonger. While shipping is a tad high(almost as much as the part!), this will be absolutely perfect to replace the broken cable hooks on my upright vacuum. Thanks guys.

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