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I’m not full-hog into carving like Sean; I’ve whittled a piece of wood or two over the years and never really got into the hobby, but watching the video of the Denker hand shave in action makes carving with the tool look like a lot of fun.

Able to cut the toughest hardwood — knots, end grain, and all — the shave’s 62 RHC hardened steel tubular cutters can either quickly remove a lot of wood, or just slivers at a time depending on how you use it.¬†Held in either your left or right hand, the tool is more controllable then pushing a chisel or gouge.

Made in the USA, this hand shave will run you $70.

Carving Shave [Denker]
Carving Shave [Eagle America]

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3 Responses to Denker Hand Shave

  1. Bill says:

    I’m in! Other end of my state, hope it gets here by the weekend!

  2. @Bill:

    Let us know what you think. I’m in enough trouble after my latest batch of tool purchases, I couldn’t justify the cost on this one just to try it out.

  3. jack says:

    I’m a soft wood carver, knives/gouges and such. I use dremel tools for power carving. I want to carve some bowls with hand/power tools. I have come across some 30 yr. old cedar lumber and want to make bowls/ pen holders. I’ve cut the ceder into 4×6″ with varying lenghts up to 12″. will the “shave” help with these projects? Seniors don’t much “ump” in their get along these days.

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