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Long-time makers of popular messenger bags and backpacks, the folks at Timbuk2 decided to give tool storage a try. Result: The Timbuk2 Tool Shed, pictured above. Besides the any-color-you-want-as-long-as-it’s-blue-and-orange styling, other features include construction from waterproof “tarpaulin fabric” and an anodized aluminum buckle.

Though it looks like a roll, it’s actually more of a folding case. The orange flap on the top folds over and buckles down to hold the tools in place.

I’ve actually had good luck with Timbuk2 products in the past, at least in terms of their virtually-indestructible messenger bags and backpacks. But this item’s $35 price tag says to me it’ll probably end up holding things other than screwdrivers and wrenches. Timbuk2’s site agrees. Found under the features list: “Doubles as a dopp kit. Loved by hair stylists.”

Personally, I’m more a fan of the standard GI-style tool bag — available at pretty much any Army/Navy shop (or Harbor Freight) for $10 or so — at least for in-car storage. What do you like?

Tool Shed [Timbuk2]


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