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Baja, Inc. of Phoenix, AZ, announced a recall of around 300,000 mini-bikes and go-carts today. Apparently the affected models’ gas caps can leak or detach (potentially causing burns) and their throttles can stick, possibly due to the fuel line and throttle cable being improperly attached.

According to the CSPC, the recall involves mini-bikes with model numbers beginning with HT65, MH165, WR65, MB196, DB30, WR90 and DR90, as well as go-carts with model numbers BB65, SD65, DN65, and TR65. You can find the model number on the fenders of mini-bikes. On go-carts you’ll want to check either the (irony alert) decorative fuel tanks or the carts’ roll cages.

As usual, you’ll want to stop using the recalled bikes immediately and contact Baja Motorsports (check out the CSPC link below) for a free cap and/or repair.

And next time, you might consider building your own mini-bike or go-cart. Not only will you be able to take full responsibility for the safety and build quality of the final product yourself, it’s a hella cool bonding experience you’ll share with the rider-to-be.

Mini-Bike/Go-Cart Recall [CSPC]


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  1. Shopmonger says:

    I used to build engines for these……lots of fun…


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