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We can’t say for certain whether Sean’s input actually had anything to do with it, but consider this: Every time we at Toolmonger had any contact at all with the folks at Stanley, Sean made it a point to go on at length — and I mean shut-up-we-already-know-how-you-feel-about-this length — about how much he loooooooves their 12′ short tape. He got one free with a set of Stanley screwdrivers years back and was heartbroken that he couldn’t easily buy one separately.

Then a while back we started seeing Stanley 12′ short tapes in Lowe’s again. And then we saw updated versions with all Stanleyworks’ modern features.

So when I saw this box chock full of ’em on the shelf, I thought of Sean. And how you, if you happen to be like Sean in this aspect, can now buy one easily. Hell, I’ve got one. Then again, I’m around Sean more than most of you, so the thought probably planted in my head by osmosis.

Anyway, enjoy.

Stanley 12′ Hi-Vis Short Tape Measure [Lowe’s]


6 Responses to You Can Have It: Sean’s Favorite(ish) Tape

  1. PutnamEco says:

    I am also a fan of short tapes, I just can’t see the need to always be lugging around some 35 foot monster tape to measure a cabinet door or for marking out some window trim. Once I’m done with framing and sheetrock the large tapes usually stay in the tool box. I’m also a fan of Fastcap and Komelon tape measures. The Fastcap flat and story stick and the Komelon self locking tape measures have features I find handy.

  2. Bill Brasky says:

    i just broke my ol’ Stanley Fraction 25′ tape and replaced it with a FREE Harbor Freight 25′ fractional tape. I like the fractions on that tape and the 3 rivets in the hanger on the front, but the rewind mechanism is junk. i need to find a good shorter fractional tape…i’ll try the looking up Putnman’s suggestions. If anyone has their favorite fractional let me know please. Thanx

  3. Travis says:

    I’ll second the Komelon. What I like about it is: when you pull the tape out it stays put. When you press the lock “button”, that’s when it rewinds.
    I think some other tapes have this feature now too.

    Think about it – what’s the first thing you do just about every time you pull out the tape measure? You lock it, right? Maybe if you’re taking some quick measure you don’t bother, but then how many times have you had the end slip and come racing back at you because you skipped the lock?

    “Don’t rewind until I tell you to” should become the norm.

  4. Bob says:

    Komelon make lovely tapes, but I wear them too easily. Tajima tapes last a little longer. I went through a round of the Fast Cap L/R reads and they did ok, one had the blade rust to crap sitting in a backup tool box, I was surprised, it wasn’t there all that long.

    Is that 12′ tape 3/4″wide? I’m sure everyone has a different image of the perfect tape measure, and 12′ is a little short for me (sheetrocking daily) but a 16′ 1 1/4″ wide fractional read with an oversized and FIXED hook (no wobble, I don’t really need to account for the thickness of the hook.) with at least 3 rivets would be just dandy… hear that fast cap? I’m lookin at you….

    I called them, they asked how many thousand I wanted… so much for them marketing a drywallers tape.

    Lufkin are kinda crappy, rewind is junky though. Stanely (Lever lock and Fat Max) are often over priced, I can’t count how many of those I’ve got on sale and broken, usually I just stick to the $6 Stanely 25′ standard, cracking those $15 tapes gets expensive after a while

  5. A.Crush says:

    Short tapes ARE great. Sometimes even a tiny pocket 2-3 ft. tape is all you need. I’ve got a few 25 ft monsters for big time building, but usually wind up just measuring stuff with them that’s a few feet long. The shorter 12 ft tapes make a lot more sense as the kind to have around, in the drawers in the hours, or in the console of your truck.

    I’ve preferred the Craftsman tapes to the Stanleys, though. I guess I should run out and get a few of whatever 12 ft’s are left now that they’re discontinued.

  6. Peter Revell says:

    I use a now extinct Stanley T6 to measure plant heights. With a tape width of 1/4 inch it takes up little space in my pack. Does anyone else make a VP (Vest Pocket) Tape ?

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