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Recently, while I was browsing the Hartville Tool catalog, I found Woodjoy’s marking and cutting gauge.  It’s a tool that works on similar principles to the their chairmaker’s router I wrote about a few years ago, and it even looks like it might use the same reversible edge guide.

This marking gauge not only allows you to follow the edge of a board and mark straight lines up to 5″ deep, but if you flip the edge guide over you can use the gauge to follow a curved edge. The 1/2″ wide double bezel blade comes to a point and can cut in either direction, and the hardened steel blade can be removed for sharpening. The gauge is 7-7/8″ long and apparently made in the USA according to Hartville Tool.

You can purchase the marking gauge in either cherry or Cocobolo at the Woodjoy Tool store for $59 or $60, respectively. Hartville Tool only sells the Cocobolo version for $69.

Marking Gauge* [Woodjoy Tools]
Marking Gauge [Woodjoy Tools Web Store]
Marking Gauge [Hartville Tool]

* To see the marking gauge on Woodjoy Tools site you need to click the Marking/Cutting gauge link.

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