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A few days ago we mentioned the Bosch Speed-X Hammer Carbide bit. Shortly afterward we found a link to a video about how the bit actually works and what its shape does to concrete.

The video pits the speed-X vs. brand-X in a very quick shot of a head-to-head with Joe the Pro. In case you’re wondering who the hell Joe the Pro is, he’s the sort of like a cross between the Geico Gecko spokesman and the crew from “This Old House.” He’s got years on the jobsite and we were pleasantly surprised when we talked to him that he actually knew his stuff on a wide range of subjects.

In any event Joe gives us the schpiel on the speed-X. We’d still like to know what bit they were going up against, but it’s clear the new bit does a number on concrete.

Bosch Speed-X Demo [YouTube]


2 Responses to Bosch Speed-X Video Demo

  1. Average Joe says:

    Sell a couple of these to BP-Amoco to use in the Gulf.

  2. Brau says:

    Why don’t they show how this incredible bit looks after 3, 6, inches of drilling?

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