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Sears is offering $10 off the Gorilla 2-in-1 Utility Cart if you purchase it through their website for $64.99 after discount. The cart is 38″ by 20″ by 10″ and weighs 47 lbs., and it can haul loads up to 800 lbs. It’s comprised of a steel mesh deck with removable folding side walls that turn it into a flatbead, and when you pull the pin out, the metal handle becomes a trailer hitch.

Reviewers overall like the Gorilla, citing its durability and good packaging of materials as strengths and a tendency to rust at the joints as a weakness. At any rate, it’s a reasonable price for a decent garden/tool/child hauler. I’ve only used Gorilla’s glue and other adhesives — which are great — but not yet their outdoor utility tools. If you have comments on this company’s other tools, let us know in comments!

Gorilla 2-In-1 Utility Cart [Sears]


6 Responses to Dealmonger: Gorilla 2-In-1 Utility Cart

  1. Simon says:

    I bought 22 of these under a different brand name (same factory though) – once my guys had assembled them (not a super quick thing) they found that on some of them the mounting holes were not in the right spot and needed to be re-drilled.

    Under not very hard use (2 weeks in wintertime), we received back 4 of them with wheel failure – the wheel had separated from the hub from presumably bad welds. Of course for this price we just sent out more but keep in mind you are getting junk at corresponding prices.

    Also, if you are fussy (me), the steering is sloppy and ponderous and does not remind you of your old wagon of yore. But price being what is trumps all it seems.


  2. Kevin Harlow says:

    I’ve used this product (different brand name, same design) before, and I strongly recommend that it be avoided for all but the lightest of work.

    The large wheels give this a very high center of gravity. The steering system at the front pivots in such a way that the more weight is on it, the harder it will lean out of the turn. Air filled tires are a terrible idea in this, because if the pressure is not kept at max, the leaning problem gets even worse.

    And the hubs failed for me, too.

    Completely not worth it. I call BS on it’s max weight being 800 lbs. I doubt it can be moved with over 300, unless it’s in the form of flat plates, but even then it would be leaning all over the place.

  3. Brau says:

    … and if you shake it, you can screen the rocks out of dirt!

  4. Sam says:

    I agree with Simon and Kevin. I have one, and haven’t been impressed with it. Welds have broken and it doesn’t steer well at all.

  5. Jaxx says:

    We have some of these at work and don’t worry about twisting the hitch while towing it even on grass, the thing will fall over and snap the welds at the axle long before that happens.

    Also I cannot fathom why these things don’t come with solid rubber tyres, the amount of punctures they pick up is incredible, as well as pinch punctures when you load them up even slightly.

    But then as others have said, he who considers only price alone……..

  6. tmib_seattle says:

    One of the scout troops that came to camp used one of these to haul gear around the rough and rocky terrain. It could have been an off-brand, but it looked the same as this.

    I re-welded the broken welds for them when they brought it by the smithy. Hopefully mine will hold better than the poor factory welds.

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