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We have long been believers of the Dremel multi-tool here at Toolmonger. It is both rugged and multi-functional, and we get that same feeling from the new Dremel Trio combo kit. It’s a mini-router, drum sander and spiral jigsaw rolled into one, for $99.

Tool elitists will immediately point to its multi-functionality and tell you it’s not as good as regular stand-alone units — and they are correct; it’s not. Any well-designed shop tool of single purpose will likely beat it in a straight-out fight of features and versatility. However, that’s not what the Trio was designed to do. It was built to give DIYers a single tool for $100 and let them do all the things around the house they’ve been meaning to get around to with no hassle — and it’s going to work.

It features a plunge cut capability and 360-degree cutting, which completely eliminates the need for pilot holes and the need to stop cutting for turning corners. You can do it all with one tool and the drilling/side-cut bit. To add more boom for the buck, they also fit the Trio with a 90-degree pivoting handle so you can fit it into odd-shaped spaces or grip it differently for each various task you come across.

So what could you do with this? Off the top of our head we’d say drywall cutting, scroll work, trim routing, craft projects, wood shaping/carving and sheet metal work. Again, it’s true that standard tools will run circles around it in their categories, but for a DIYer or a light-use pro, this is going to be a wicked competitor. Not bad for a little 5-lb. rotary tool with a hinge in the middle.

For now Home Depot has exclusive rights to the Trio kit — that may change in the future or when the contract runs out, but for now it’s Depot or nothing.

Dremel Trio [Home Depot]
Trio Product Demo [Home Depot Site]


13 Responses to Dremel Trio: $99 Powerhouse

  1. Shalin says:

    hmmm…it makes me want to sell my rotozip to get this…


  2. JR says:

    Amazon has them for Pre-order to be shipped Sept 15, 2010 – I can wait that long to avoid monopoly pricing

  3. ToolGuyd says:

    As far as I have seen, the Trio is expected to hit other retailers nationwide in September. As JR pointed out, it’s already available for preorder.

  4. frankie says:

    How come the tool has ratings on the Home Depot site if it hasn’t been released yet? What’s up with that?

  5. Simon says:

    If this was worth having then Rotozip would be a powerhouse and every other maker of cheap tools (B&D) would have one by now.

    The upcutting spiral bit is sadly inefficient (I had a Rotozip at a past job) – it created more dust and waiting than usefullness. You can buy a Father’s Day Special Jigsaw that will cut circles around this drill for $40.00

    A jigsaw does not need a pilot hole and cuts a straighter line than a circular bit – A rotozip in plywood is painfully slow and broken bits are common.

    For drywall and lightweight faux basement paneling, this tool might be OK but it’s “As Seen On TV” territory…


  6. fred says:

    @ Simon

    Rotozips and Dremels (same parent company = Bosch) have their place even beyond hobbyist use. Our installers use both for little persnickety jobs that would otherwise take longer with hand tools (e.g. cutting square holes in aluminum door bucks, installing fixtures in tilework etc.)

    I think that as Toolmonger O’Hara says – this may not be as good as separate dedicated stand-alone tools – it may still find a niche application – probably not as you say for the efficient cutting of plywood. While I’m not likely to buy any – I bet HD will sell quite a few during their initial exclusivity deal – but maybe even more if they get deep discounted like those Ryobi cordless hammers (that seem to me were a gimmicky poor substitute for a palm nailer).

  7. Dennis says:

    Home Depot has reviews of it because they have been selling it since May 1st.

  8. Shopmonger says:

    I want one !!!!!! Like NOW…..


  9. Simon says:

    I agree – I have rotozips and dremels available (gathering dust) but prefer to grab the specific tool that does only one thing. And they are sometimes cheap ones. I just hate when one “does it all!” tool costs more than 3 cheapo tools that do it better for the same price.

    Simon – Bosch guy…

  10. Ryan says:

    I got a Dremel Trio from HD. I broke the “hard wood” multi-use tip the first time trying to make my way through plywood, though it was 3/4 inch. It’s awesome on drywall though hard to stay straight. I tried cutting faux wood flooring and the flooring actually caught on fire, no joke. So, I’m not convinced. I will continue to use it for drywall and I have yet to try routing with it, but it seems as though it is pretty useless for any cutting beyond an 1/8 inch.

  11. Michelle says:

    I just made a few shelves with my Dremel Trio yesterday and when things didn’t go smoothly at first … I did a little homework … and then made these adjustments:
    1. Increased the speed up around 8.
    2. Made sure I had the base plate adjusted so that the bit was just 1/8″ longer than the bottom of the wood being cut.
    3. Moved the edge guide to the right side of the tool. (I don’t know why either. I just did as I was told, and it worked).

    I think #1 and #2 are essential. After those 3 adjustments, it sliced through mdf almost effortlessly. And you don’t get much more of a noob than me. I am a serious noob, but I know enough to re-read the manual and look online for a little advice. I hope this helps someone doing the same!

  12. Paul says:

    Which asian country was this one made in?

  13. Eben opperman says:

    what bits must i use to cut tiles the bits i use dosnot work

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