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For some reason I always imagined the new product development process to be a lot like the above image, complete with a voiceover from that guy who narrated The Superfriends back in the day. Instead the Speed-X Hammer Carbide bit — no, we’re not kidding; that’s the name — was brought to life from a team of hardworking people in a building less cool than the Hall of Justice.

The Speed-X Hammer Carbide is designed to get through concrete faster than any other bit you might have on the truck. Bosch says that compared to the leading competitor, the Speed-X drills up to 20 percent faster in concrete and lasts longer. It’s a strong statement, but then again they don’t normally throw around a number like that without a lot of practical backup, as we witnessed at the concrete demo at the Bosch event earlier this month.

The press release sounds the trumpet of its many-splendored features.

Holes start precisely, thanks to the centric carbide tip, and begin quickly as the innovative inclined side cutters power their way into concrete. As holes progress, the Speed-X really begins to shine. By utilizing a shortened head design and enlarged dust-clearing channels, Speed-X actually performs better as holes get deeper. In side-by-side testing versus the leading competitor, the speed difference in deep drilling applications is visible and noteworthy. Packed with innovative engineering, Bosch Speed-X actually performs better the deeper it drills!

Though it does look like a great bit, we have to wonder if the marketing department caught a few episodes of The Superfriends themselves. Then again, if two years from now they come out with the Super-Awesome-Hyper-Z-Monster-Carbide — laugh yourself all the way to the nearest contractor supply center. It will most likely be a sweet bit as well.

No word on pricing yet, but don’t expect a bit with that many words in the title to be cheap.

Bosch Press Room [Website]


8 Responses to Bosch Spawns A New Bit

  1. fred says:

    Will probably buy some of these to try out – but would love to see a comparison against Makita’s 4 -Cutter SDS Max bits for which similar claims are made.

    Come to think of it – a comparison of the Makita Thruster SDS_Plus (rebar cutting) bits against the Bosch rebar cutters – would be nice too.

  2. Ben says:

    Man I want to go drill some ‘crete!

  3. donutboy says:

    20% faster than what bit? Than an older Bosch Carbide bit, well that isn’t hard to do.

  4. AP says:

    In response to Donutboy the answer would be yes, 20% faster then the predecessor Bosch bit.

    Makita is laughable, however they do make a nice 1-5/8″ hammer (smooth). Can’t really think of any good accessories that Makita makes??

    Speed is great but lifetime is the most important thing. Bosch is the only manufacturer that can somehow maintain both of these. Hilti makes a quality product but not too smooth and definetly not as fast, oh yeah also overpriced..

  5. donutboy says:

    well 20% faster than a bosch bit still puts it behind Hilti and Dewalt on 4 cutter head bits. As far as durability and holes per bit this new design will help them last longer, but still in the end, be slower than Hilti and Dewalt.

  6. Brau says:

    I find their 20% claim very hard to believe because technically, concrete bits don’t “cut”, they pulverize (hammer) their way through. That means any cutter(s) trailing will never come into play … unless the “concrete” is extremely soft, y’know like chalk.

  7. Cameron Watt says:

    Aha! Are the tests in cured concrete? It’s funny that just a few days ago I was reading through a flyer that featured a bit that performed well in cured concrete! I once had to drill a pile of holes in concrete that had just come out of the forms a day before; they went in FAST!

    It just looks like a new twist on star drills.

    A good mockery of specious advertising claims: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUOJzYtdTKI

  8. Cameron Watt says:

    ….er… stated that the bit performed well in cured concrete….sorry.

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