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Father’s Day is June 20th — that’s less than two weeks away for all the procrastinators out there. This year I did a preemptive strike and made my old man a gift early — the snake stick for those who remember seeing it. However, this year is my first year I’m actually eligible to participate as a receiver, not just a giver. I can honestly say it’s a strange feeling. I have fears of funky ties and mugs for coffee I don’t drink — I’m hoping for tools.

Just like every year, we here at Toolmonger wholeheartedly support the giving of tools on Dad Day. If you’ve spent more time working in the shop than shopping and you need some Father’s Day gift ideas, here are a few hints to steer you the right way.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: A Quality Knife
This suggestion never gets old. Everyone needs a good knife and Dad is no exception. You don’t even have to go big. Take a trip down the local sporting goods place and get him a $10 special if you’re strapped. The fact that he can use it without worrying he’ll mar the finish or scratch the blade might be worth as much as another blade three times the price.

Sub-Compact tools
If he’s into tools, or even if he’s not, everyone can use something in the Milwaukee or Bosch 12v Li-Ion lines. Be it drill, recip, or specialty tool, there’s something very handy about having them around. Plus, if he’s already got a few in the line from a few years ago there’s most likely something from this year that he doesn’t.

It may seem hard to find something great for the guy who taught you how to hold a hammer or turn a wrench, but relax and remember he’s like you — he digs tools, and that’s a great start.

Thanks to Kurt and Sophia for the sweet photo, this year and last.

M12 Line [Milwaukee]
12v Max Line [Bosch]


11 Responses to Father’s Day: It’s A Dad Thing

  1. Patrick says:

    Congrats Sean – this is my “first” Father’s Day also – and I used the excuse for a bandsaw adn new router – it’s cemented as my second fav. holiday. Congrats again and enjoy it Sean.

  2. dreamcatcher says:

    Sean & Patrick, it’s my first dad’s day too.

    I always say you can’t go wrong with getting a guy some clamps. You can never have too many clamps and of all different sizes.

    Work gloves are another easy, go-to for dad. Everyone likes the feel of a brand new pair of leather gloves and for under $20 each, you might want to buy yourself a pair too.

    I also try to keep an updated “Wish List” on Amazon. Some tools but mostly books (about tools). Books are a cheap gift and make for the most relaxing time after the gift giving.


  3. Kurt Schwind says:

    Sophia and I visit Toolmonger.com several times a day and you should have seen her face light up to see the picture being used. Thanks!

  4. Wheels17 says:

    Kurt, wonderful picture, but please, start a safety glasses habit early.

  5. Blair says:

    Flashlight, one thing dads can never have too many of, and so many cool options to choose from these days.

    And to all the 1st time dads, congratulations, and welcome to the club, I hope your day is very special (from a 25 year veteran of being a dad to three beautiful daughters)

  6. shopmonger says:

    Sean, it too is my first father’s day…and i am hoping for a few hours rest as my little one is only 5 days old….

    thus not participating on the site recently. miss you all.


    Shopmonger… aka DaddyMonger

  7. Jim K. says:

    Add me to the list of first father’s day dads as well. Now, cool tools or bad ties? Guess I’ll know soon enough. 🙂

    Enjoy, all you new dads!

    Jim K.

  8. Gary says:

    Kurt, good thing she looks like her Mom…


  9. paganwonder says:

    Welcome to the Dad Club all you new fathers- it can be a trip at times! My trick for getting the “Good” stuff for gifts is to walk thru the hardware/tool store and snap photos of the things I want/need with my cell phone and send them to Mom or the teenage daughter. The only thing that ever went wrong with this plan was the 4 yr old insisted that I wanted the neon zip-ties rather than the black ones!

  10. dreamcatcher says:

    Here is what I use so that I don’t get put on the spot when asked if there is anything I want or need and so nobody can say that they don’t know what to get me.


    You can even use it at Toolmonger!

  11. Mac says:

    Congrats to all the new Dads!

    A recommendation, from a veteran dad… ask for time. It is the one thing you can never get back. No one can beg, borrow, or buy it.

    I think I’m a halfway smart guy (which also makes me halfway dumb), but clocks confound me – their hands move too darn fast.

    Spend time with your loved ones – you will never be able to get it back.


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