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We know you visit Toolmonger primarily for our first-class culinary judgment, so when we recently visited Chicago we couldn’t pass up the chance to offer you a review of a restaurant whose namesake is near and dear to us: the Weber grill. And yes, that is indeed a 20′ tall Weber grill right out front. And no, sadly, it doesn’t work. Maybe they just can’t find 8″ wide charcoal.

Attracted by the huge grill, we headed in to discover that the Weber Grill is pretty much a steakhouse. While they don’t prepare everything on actual Webers, they do have five grills mounted near the bar area where they grill bar appetizers and such. Your steaks come to life on a large commercial grill, along with burgers and fish.

We also discovered that despite the restaurant’s backyard barbecue theme, they have a dress code. Though they at first rejected Sean outright due to his (always) lack of sleeves, they eventually compromised and allowed us to sit on the porch. The cold, slightly wet porch. Then again, we grill in the cold and rain all the time, so in a way that added to the experience.

Oh yeah, the food: pretty decent, though since we didn’t manage to snag any of the appetizers off the actual Webers, it lacked that wonderful charcoal flavor we all love. More exciting than the fare, though, is the fact that they offer a number of classes to help you learn to get the most out of your grill at home as well as a number of grill-related holiday events.

Would we head back? Assuming we could hang out sleeveless on the porch, sure. There’s something special about knocking back an MGD under a 20′ Weber. And if they’d let us light it up, we’d shell out for one of those high-buck steaks, too.

The Weber Grill Restaurant [Site]


7 Responses to Our First Restaurant Review: The Weber Grill

  1. Blair says:

    If you do go again, give us all a heads up! Speaking for myself , I would make the trip from Ohio to hang out on that porch with you guys, and I’m sure there are others not too far away that would too. Cold MGD,under a 20′ Weber grill, talking tools, and such sounds about right

  2. elmegil says:

    You were in the suburbs dude, that’s not Chicago 😀

  3. If you go to the one in River North downtown (attached to the Hilton Garden Inn), they do cook all the meats on huge weber grills. If they don’t do it in the burbs, you’re getting a big, juicy gip sandwich.

  4. Chuck Cage says:

    @Blair: Damn, I wish I’d seen your comment earlier. We actually headed back the next night as well, mainly because we were more interested in the company than the specific food. That said, they did manage to overcook a steak — but quickly made it right.

    @Chuck Yeah, I saw the “Weber grills” in the kitchen area, but I didn’t count them. I can’t buy one, so I didn’t count ’em. 🙂

    @elmegil Actually, I was in Chicago before and after that. But you’re right: The actuall Weber Grill is in a suburb.

  5. Chris K says:

    Been to both the one in the suburbs and the one downtown (Live downtown, let me know if you ever need to crash). The nice thing about the one in river north is that you can sit inside and watch them work the grills.

  6. @Chris K – I’m a consultant and frequently stay right at the HGI or SpringHill Suites a couple blocks away. Several of us like to eat there – we sit at the bar for “Meat TV”

  7. Michael R. says:

    That’s just wrong. If you’re going to use the name. You should cook with the grills in the proper way. It’s either using the brand for current fans, or marketing it to new people, and it doesn’t sound like it does either one well. I’ve heard disappointing things about it but never been myself.

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