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The Make blog reports on Steve Roberts’ outfitting of a 24′ utility trailer as a mobile electronics lab and workshop. Steve’s the guy who has spent the last three decades exploring high-tech bike projects (e.g., Winnebiko and BEHEMOTH; a total of 17,000 miles biking around the U.S.), and a variety of high-tech amphibious and watercraft vehicles.

His Polaris Project trailer includes “a cabinet of hand and small power tools, drill press, folding table saw, sander/grinder, compressor with a few air tools, bench vise, wire-feed MIG and gas welders, industrial sewing machine, and (very soon) a CNC router.” So far there are 869 drawers for his parts inventory. A folding whiteboard secures the small parts cabinets when underway. The lab bench has a four-channel ‘scope, soldering station, stereo microscope, power supplies, and “the usual suite of small test instruments.” And what lab/workshop would be complete without a ham radio station, security and networking tools, marine-grade stereo, and dedicated computer?

The trailer’s power system, configured like a typical marine system, includes a 2KW generator, a solar array, a 30A shoreline cable, AGM batteries, a sinewave inverter/charger, and both AC and DC distribution panels.

Looks like a Toolmonger’s definition of “happy camper.” What do you think?

Make It Anywhere With A Mobile Lab [Make]
Nomadic Research Labs [Steven K Roberts]

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4 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Mobile Lab/Workshop

  1. Shalin says:

    Awesome! Makes me think of a “TechShop on wheels”, could be more cost effective and able to be a rolling advertisement to, hmmm…

    You could have 2-3 of these for an area medium/large metro area and cater to DIY projects (scheduled or emergency), “maker parties”, stop by K-12 school for demos or other projects, and all sorts of related events…



  2. Toolhearty says:

    Very nice.

    Once again, it must be great to have unlimited funds to devote to one’s hobbies (I will probably never find out for myself).

  3. Steve Stroh says:

    I’ve met Mr. Roberts and seen his facilities. He’s ANYTHING but an “unlimited funds” kind of person. What you’re looking at in the photos is incredible ingenuity and many long hours in packaging to look like a very, very professional job. I’ve seen much of that equipment (acquired over years) in his big (stationary) shop and he’s chosen judiciously and fitted carefully.

  4. Bill Clay says:

    Here are some of Steve Robert’s favorite tools:


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