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Whether you work in a school, office, or retail store, there are times you want to hang displays from the ceiling. Rather than climbing up on a ladder, or more likely a chair or desk, to stick paper clip hooks into the suspended ceiling, check out the HangUmUpEZ system which allows you to install special suspended ceiling hooks while standing firmly on the ground.

There are two kinds of hooks you can use, depending on whether you want hang your display from the edge frame for wall hanging or a cross member for hanging in the middle of the ceiling. Both the J-hook style and the edge style hooks can be easily installed from the ground using their special tool which threads onto an extension pole.

Once the hooks are installed on the ceiling grid you can either hang your display directly on the hooks or tie the display to their O-rings and use the installation tool, which has a special hook for hanging the O-rings. They also sell special clips that grip paper or fabric that can be tied to the O-rings.

If you’re just starting out you can buy a kit with 25 J-hooks, 25 edge hooks, 25 O-rings, 50 paper clips, an installation tool, and an extension pole for $59. Otherwise you can buy 100 J-hooks, edge hooks, or paper clips for $76. Shipping will cost you 10% of your order total.

HangUmUpEZ [Corporate Site]

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6 Responses to HangUmUpEZ Hooks

  1. cjd says:

    Those look like an accident waiting to happen. Especially if you put enough on the main’s.

  2. shopmonger says:

    I know a ton of schools that would love these…….


  3. Coach James says:

    The last two school systems I worked in had rules that stated nothing could be hung from the ceiling. In both districts, it was due to local firecode.

  4. Old Coot says:

    There was a post above this one about nail pullers. What happended to it?

  5. @Old Coot:

    Yeah, it’s still there, it’s just unpublished. Sean must’ve had some good reason like he has to revise something.

  6. Old Coot says:

    Thanks, but kinda weird…pulling a post about pullers 😉

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