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With all the web sites — OK, I’ve seen two — covering adjustable-height workbenches/tables using scissor jacks and torsion-box construction, it must mean a resurgence of something or other (height? adjustability? scissor jacks? torsion-boxes?). The Jack Bench, shown above and seen on LumberJocks, is a mobile-base, adjustable-height workbench that adjusts from 29″ to 43″ high. Designed by Charlie Kocourek, its telescoping legs are torsion boxes, and the bench is raised and lowered by an ordinary scissors jack. Standard ¾” pipe clamps lock the legs into one solid base unit at the desired height. A second scissors jack raises the bench off the floor and onto its mobile base, allowing the bench to be wheeled around. Charlie has detailed plans available on his web site for $29.95. He also has several videos showing the operation of the Jack Bench.

Meanwhile, over at The Wood Whisperer, there’s a report on a 4′ × 4′ assembly table that adjusts from 30″ to 39″. Mike’s table, shown above, has a torsion-box top, and uses — are you ready for this? — a scissors jack to adjust the height.

So, if you were wondering what the heck to do with that old VW scissors jack languishing in the back recesses of your garage, now you have some suggestions.

Jack Bench [Manufacturer’s Site]

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8 Responses to DIY Adjustable-Height Workbenches/Tables

  1. Shopmonger says:

    I see lot of these on the wood forums, and they really can be vary useful. there is a resurgence of the small wood shop and having something like this that can be raised to be an out feed table for the table saw, then lowered a bit to do some planing and fine tuning, and again lowered to become and assembly table is a great feeling in a shop that may only have room for one table. i have three different table heights so i am lucky, but i was not always that lucky, so there is a great place for these in the home shop. I like the ones that use small jacks and pegs the best because they are cheap and easier ot build, but you must pay close attention to the amount of wobble when designing it, especially if you use hand planes a lot.


  2. Shalin says:


  3. John Seiffer says:

    I got something like this http://www.harborfreight.com/1000-lb-capacity-hydraulic-scissor-table-cart-93116.html and put a torsion box on top. It’s great.

    I put some T-track around the edge of the box and use that for a fence and to clamp stuff.

    (The one I got was actually 500 lb capacity and on sale for $99. but I couldn’t find the link on their new site).

  4. Cameron Watt says:

    Nice stuff.

    Two second hand ideas about adjustable height work surfaces:

    I knew a guy who had and in-floor car hoist with a piece of 3/4″ steel plate mounted on top to make an adjustable bench…but for the rest of us…

    Another thing I saw was a set of boxes with different dimensions (10″ x 18″ x 24″ for example). The owner, a finish carpenter, would set them on whatever side gave him the amount of lift he needed and put a plank between them.

  5. don in Mesquite says:

    That is Furniture.
    Way to nice for the dinking around that I do.

  6. Randy Saunders says:

    This is one of those presents you can’t wait to get your wife for her birthday! When i do so, i’ll have to build mine a little uglier, so i won’t feel guilty about using it. I really think taht this is a well thought out design, especially the adjustable height legs with locks, since I usually have to bend over to use most benches.

  7. David Bone says:

    I love the flexibility and the way the height adjustments work. This could be a great tool to have on larger job sites for our flooring installations.

  8. Alan Combs says:

    This is one hell of a work bench. Unfortuneatly, I would not have any where that I can store this bad boy. Makes mine look puny 🙁

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