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For a limited time, Rockler has their HPL Router Station available for $399.99. The HPL, shown above, has a 24″ × 32″ high-pressure laminate top, a 3″ tall 32″ long fence, the FX aluminum router lift, and 32″ tall solid steel leg set (1/8″ thick). Cabinets and shelves can be added using the pre-drilled holes in the legs.

The top has “two easy-access fence slots, an 8-point plate leveling and locking system, and an aluminum miter track.” The FX lift has a 3/8″ thick aluminum plate and accepts the following routers: Porter-Cable 690/890 series, Bosch 1617-16-18, DeWalt 610, 616, and 618.

But wait, there’s more: It also includes a “FREE” Portable Cable 690LR Router, shown above, valued at $159.99 (reasonably close to street pricing). Rockler claims the total package value is $640.

Complete HPL Table Setup [Manufacturer’s Site]
Porter Cable 690LR Street Pricing [Google Products]

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6 Responses to Dealmonger: Rockler Router Table (Plus Router)

  1. Phil says:

    “It also includes a “FREE” Portable Cable 690LR Router”

    Well, I guess it actually IS “Portable”. A bit less so when mounted in the table. 😉

  2. Rick says:

    My Dad has that router table and lift. it has served him quite well over the years. At that price point I think I can recommend it to anyone that is working at the hobbyist level.

    As for me, I still prefer the Norm Abrams router table. But that’s just me.. (^_^)

  3. Gordon DeWitte says:

    @ Phil

    As typos go, it’s not bad, and does kind of make sense. Maybe that’s why I didn’t catch it. Or maybe it was just another brain fart…

  4. Pezdad says:

    Sold out

  5. dreamcatcher says:

    Grr. Router tables are my pet peeve. I mean, it’s not like we are building our own table saws any more and what would you say if I tried charging you $400 to $600 for a table saw system comprised of a laminate top, stamped steel legs, and a circular saw mounted upside down in an aluminum jig. You’d tell me to get lost then go buy a real table saw.

    Well, when will someone start offering real router table that’s worth buying?

    I’m not talking about cheesy kits like this one, nor am I talking about a shaper or that itty bitty toy router table thing Delta made years ago.

    What I want is a portable-ish router table on par with my Bosch 4000 table saw or bigger/better. I’m talking cast aluminum or iron top, a purpose built 3hp 1ph 220V motor, VS motor controls or a transmission, integrated height/angle adjustments, a folding stand or an enclosed cabinet style base.

    Is that really too much to ask for?

  6. Robbie_B says:

    dreamcatcher, I think you’re asking for a shaper.

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