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One possible way to create extra space in your tiny garage is to install a vehicle lift like the SuperLifts SR-7H shown above. The standard SR-7H has a 7,000 lb. rating (its locks have a 3-to-1 safety rating), a 98.5″ drive-through clearance, a 71″ max. under-ramp clearance, and uses four aircraft-quality lifting cables, each with a lift strength of 14,500 lbs. Its 3″ hydraulic cylinder has a lifetime guarantee on its seals. 36″ approach ramps store between the rails. The SR-7H is heavily advertised as made in the USA.

It’s “NOW ON SALE,” but the price is not mentioned. A little Googling indicates that, depending on options, the SR-7H is in the $3,000 range. Their SJ-7000 economy lift starts at under $2000, but does not claim to be made in the USA. Other lifts “start at” $1695.

Four-Post Auto Lifts: SR-7H [Manufacturer’s Site]

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7 Responses to Garage Lift

  1. Brau says:

    Sigh. 20 years ago I dreamed of one of these in my garage but did all the work without because I could not afford it. Now all the work is done … and so are my car fixing days.

  2. Jerry says:

    Wow! I like this device. With a 71″ clearance under this, I could store 2 cars – one under the other. Seriously though, Brau says it all for me. I still do some automotive work but nothing that requires such a lift as this. Many years back I had a neighbor who dug a pit in his garage, bricked it all in and could just go down in there and do a lot of work on his cars. I was pretty envious of that and this lift is even nicer than the pit. 30 years ago, I would have just had to get one of these.

  3. Jim says:

    @Brau & Jerry,

    I believe this is really just a space saver and not much of a automotive work lift. A space saver requires easy on, easy off and easy exit. This is not a lift for rotating your tires. Whereas, a nice works lift, with accessibility to both the wheels and complete undercarriage, usually lifts from the outside on the frame rails. This requires correct positioning of the lift pads and often entering and exiting the vehicle is obstructed by the lifting posts. Although this type of lift can be used as a space saver, it is not as friendly to this application.

    Note: Please excuse any misused terminology, I am just a DIYr and not a professional mechanic.

  4. Jereme Green says:

    I think that this is a great deal it supports way more than what most cars way. But I wont be getting one anytime soon I am still trying to clean out the garage

  5. Henry Kunz says:


    This sounds like a great product. With sufficient volume, it will allow you to “stack” two vehicles in a single garage! My only question would be: how reliable is the locking mechanism? If this thing collapses on you, it could spoil your day.

  6. Mitch says:

    @Henry Kunz – I have the equivalent Bend-Pak 4 post lift. The auto safety locking mechanisms appear pretty sturdy. I’d think they’d be safe if the cables broke.

    @Jim – With my 4 post lift, I worked around your problem by buying the rolling jacks (which cost about as much as the lift). This way I can drive on and then use the rolling jacks to lift the car off the ramps. It’s more work and hassle than a 2 post lift but it does work. There is still the problem of the ramps getting in the way if your working on the suspension. But it’s what I have.

    @Jerry – thanks for that comment. It supports my decision for going for the lift before I get too old to work on cars.

  7. BC says:

    Even if the safety locks are chintzy, that’s nothing a couple 4x4s won’t fix.

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