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Can you ever find the right size bungee cord when you need it? Half the time you need to stretch the cord past its limit or wrap it around strange places to take up the slack. With Lee Valley’s rubber cord system, you can cut the cord to whatever length you require and then attach the ends.  Even if you screw up and cut the cord too long, the attachments allow you to take up the slack.

The 3/8″ diameter EPDM cord has a 2,150 lb. tensile strength and can be stretched to 2x its length. It won’t degrade in the summer sun and won’t lose its strength in the cold, even down to -40°F. Glass-reinforced hooks and splices slip over the cord and are held in place by pinching the cord in a V-shaped notch.

Made in the USA, 24′ of cord will run you $16 and a pair of hooks or splice attachments go for $2.

Rubber Cord [Lee Valley]

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3 Responses to Rubber Cord Tie Down System

  1. Brau says:

    Ironic that I just tossed a set of these in the charity bin today, having found little good use for them. They’re too stretchy for tying things (including tarps) on top of a vehicle, too long and tangly to haul around in the trunk, the plastic hooks don’t grip well and slide off. A piece of rope and a short bungie cord works just as well, or better yet, get some ratchet straps. All in all they’re an idea that seems good …. until you use it and find yourself on the side of the road trying vainly to re-secure a shifting load with long stretchy noodles.

  2. Larry Schaffer says:

    I have had these for about six years now ( Love them ) About time for new cord I think. Plus they are made in USA.I use them for tie down on the back of my Motorcycle. Work GRATE

  3. Dana Olson says:

    Where do you find these?? I have been looking and can’t find a place to buy them!

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