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The folks at Case must love the King. Apparently Case is going to be making some knives with Elvis emblazoned on the blades/handles for his 75th birthday year. We say “apparently” because for the first time in as long as we can remember, Case is sending out the party favors and announcements without even a sketch of what they are going to look like.

Of course, we suppose it’s not really rocket science to figure out. Let’s see, a nicely painted young Elvis smiling on a pattern that’s big enough to see. So that rules out toothpicks and “S” shaped handles and leans more towards lockbacks and the thicker-bladed knives that give you a little more room to work with. Perhaps for the serious collector there will be a wooden display case along with the blade for presentation.

Kidding aside, Case generally does a decent job with small run collector’s gear, so the cross section willing to pay up for knives graced with images of the King are likely to be chomping at the bit. I’ve never been a giant Elvis fan myself but I don’t think Case is going to be doing an AC/DC knife anytime soon. At least Mr. Presley is a step in the right direction.

Case Knives [Website]
Elvis to grace Case knives during 75th birthday year [Press Release]


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