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The DIY network isn’t always my cup of tea. The style of the modern programming currently en vogue seems to have graduated from the WWF Smackdown school of entertainment — so I was surprised to see a show that is 180 degrees out from that trend on DIY Woodsculpting.

Of course the first reason it’s not the same kind of fare is that it’s not bleeding-edge. Most of the episodes my Tivo picks up have an original air date of 2007, so they don’t feature rock music, crazy camera shots, or stunts. Instead Woodsculpting focuses on quiet craftsmen doing amazing things with wood and walking you through how it all works. I was enthralled. I’ve watched the carvers featured each week make Indian heads, animals, and carousel horses with just a chisel and rotary tool. It’s addictive. So addictive I had to pick up a piece of stock to carve for myself. Hopefully if I don’t screw it up too bad, it will be on the site soon.

If you think it might be interesting to see as well you’ll have to set the DVR to Thursday morning at 7am Eastern/6am Central to catch it. Obviously DIY is not going to stick this show in prime time, but it’s still a great bit of fun to watch.

Woodsculpting Show [DIY Program Guide]


3 Responses to Woodsculpting Show on DIY

  1. BigEdJr says:

    I used to love the DIY Network for the “real” do-it-yourself shows and the cool build it in a few hours shows. But now it’s just rehashed realestate shows.

    Same thing happened to Tech TV, now G4. I used to like the real comptuer talk shows etc…

    Now there is no where for nerds like me to go… Even our beloved Norm is gone!

    BTW: Good luck with your carving!

  2. Gary says:

    My wife carves. I’ll have to tell her about the show.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Rodney Hopkins. A few years back I was filmed for an episode of this show. i didn’t hear anything about it and figured it had not aired. earlier this year i noticed that the episode had been aired, and was to air again soon. unfortunately, I cannot get the DIY network on my cable, so i have never seen it. In fact, they don’t use my name or show a picture of my on the website, and the description on the DIY website of how I made spoons didn’t really seem to match what i had done on camera, so for all I know I was replaced.
    I am writing in hopes that you have seen the episode I am supposed to be in and can let me know if i am indeed there. It was the thirteenth episode of season two, I believe this is the last episode of the season. I demonstrated how i make spoons, from initial hatchet work to rough out the blanks, through the use of knives, gouges, hook-knives and scrapers. I was wearing overalls and i believe a purple shirt (it has been years now!) The network has not been able to help me with these questions, and I haven’t met anyone who has seen this show.
    If you can help me to find this out, and/or a place I can watch this show online I would appreciate it greatly.
    A link to my gallery can be found at:

    you can contact me through a comment on that page.
    glad there’s another carver out there! rodney

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