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Fast Company reports on an electric bike from VW: Unveiled at the Auto China 2010 show, the battery powered two-wheeler — lamely called bik.e — has a range of 12.5 miles and a top speed of 12.5 mph. No pedals, so it’s battery power or Flintstones style, but it does neatly fold up into a disc shape that can fit in a car’s spare tire compartment. Whether you would want this instead of a spare tire is another question.

There’s no mention of price, or even if this design will ever go on sale. If you can get by the hokey dancing at the beginning, there’s a video at the Fast Company link showing the bike in action and how it folds up.

VW’s First Ever Two-Wheeler [Fast Company]

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8 Responses to VW Two-Wheeler

  1. Toolhearty says:

    Got to admit, the design is pretty clever. Just wish they would have put more thought into what they were designing as I can’t really see any useful purpose for this machine.

  2. Adam R says:

    Put a smart charger in the spare tire well along with this bike and you can have a way to get to the nearest gas station for them to look at you blankly. I can see something like this being put into a beetle just because it is “cute”.

    If it was big enough to put the damaged tire on a rack and take it somewhere to plug the tire???

    Nah, still pretty useless.

  3. TominDC says:

    This sounded like a very clever vehicle right up to the part about where they left off the pedals and a sprocket to switch from battery to sweat power. With pedals, Bik.e could actually generate its own electricity and infinitely extend its range. For boaters, having collapsible bikes enables exploring remote areas. We already have an electric motor on our tender to get ashore — but our tender has standby oars to enable a switch to sweat power. Maybe in the next model there will be pedals on the Bik.e……

  4. Jim K. says:

    As I recall this was part of a design concept for a new VW Camper Bus. The idea being that you could pull it out and tool around your campsite. I’m not finding the link that I’d seen that makes me think that though so perhaps I’m mistaken. Agreed with the rest though, without pedals I think I’d pass.

  5. BL says:

    Check out the Yike Bike!! similiar but more compact!

  6. tool maker says:

    Very unique and nice design, it hardly seen in the country we reside.
    My questions are :
    1. Designed and made in China?
    2. Tyres make of solid rubber? ( Look like oe )
    3. Any breaking system. ( did not see one in the picture )

  7. Camper says:

    I actually quite like it – we’d use it when camping for a little exploration and basically showing off. Our vw camper is so packed with camping gear that usually there is no room for bikes – perhaps this will help – unless of course its crazy money

  8. ToolFreak says:

    @toolmaker: Probably made in China, the tires are tubed 20″ Maxxis tires, and it has front and rear disc brakes as pictured.

    Pretty cool neo-retro design with the 5-star mag wheels and 20″ Maxxis BMX tires. As mentioned, it definitely needs a pedal system. The problem with e-bikes is they are usually too heavy to be practical to pedal, even on level ground, but this looks like the motor and battery are so small, it might be able to make do with a single speed gear and cranks, even though it will probably have to be a low gear.

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