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So after you’ve converted your garage into a tiny house (TM 4/28/10), you decide that you still want to do some woodworking. If you’ve got a storage space of around 5′ × 5′, you can follow this neat Instructable by steliart from Nicosia — Cyprus, and cleverly craft everything so that it fits in the small storage space. In his case, the storage space was near his open-air parking space. His 59″ × 20″ multi-tool bench, shown above, has five major tools (drill press, sander, jigsaw, circular saw, and router with a lift), a vise, five small drawers, storage space on the bottom, and eight electrical outlets. It rides on five casters with brakes. The angled cut on the left corner above is to allow room to get into the storage space when the bench is inside it.

He used SketchUp to design his setup. The placement of everything in his storage space is shown in the SketchUp drawing above.

The Smallest Workshop in the World [Instructables]

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3 Responses to Tiny Workshop For Your Tiny House

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Neat, I always admire someone who can stay organized in such a small space and still get some work done. That cart looks like it might even work out for a work site solution.

  2. Jerry says:

    Awesome job! A huge high fiver to the designer for not giving up his ability to create things. It looks as though there is still a bit of room inside to do some winter work on smaller, bench-top type of projects.

  3. Shalin says:

    Now…now I have clarity about my garage/workshop summer project! I really like the multi-tool/mobile workbench. Thanks for this post!

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