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Sure, this wouldn’t be news on most sites. But one thing about being a Toolmonger is that we love any tool news, no matter how minor. And on that note: It looks like Makita updated their palm sander a little bit.

For the most part, it’s the same as the previous model, with all the top forty hits: sealed bearings, through-the-pad dust collection, a 4,000 to 12,000 RPM variable speed control, a big front handle, and rubberized grips. But this model includes an “improved pad control system” and re-engineered pad brake to prevent the gouging that can bite you (or your project) in the ass on start-up or shut-down.

We also noticed the trigger-style switch. Are you a fan? We’re admittedly more used to a rocker switch, but the Makita’s trigger does lock on, so maybe it’s not that different after all.

Street pricing averages around $100 — about what you’d expect to pay for a decent quality palm sander.

Orbital Palm Sander (BO5041K) [Makita]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


One Response to Makita’s Smooth (Start & Stop) Operator

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Not a bad idea, and there are times when being able to stop it fast, is nice, even when working with metal. Soft Start and Stop also will help with the fatigue form long hours on the sanding table.


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