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Forget the flying motorcycle (e.g., TM 1/7/10): those things are dangerous. Strap one of these to your back instead, and you’re off. Just avoid that idiot neighbor of yours who’s always texting while flying, and you’ll be fine.

The Martin Jetpack, with a structure of a carbon fiber composite, weighs around 250 lbs. Its 200-hp, 2L, V4 two-stroke engine powers twin carbon/Kevlar rotors that provide 600+ lbs of thrust. At its maximum speed of 63 mph, it has a range of 31.5 miles. Its estimated maximum hover is 8,000 ft.

Classified as an ultralight (FAA part 103), the Martin Jetpack does not require an FAA pilot’s license (though this doesn’t equate the jetpack with guaranteed safety). Standard equipment includes flight and engine displays, a harness, a ballistic parachute, and a retractable, energy-absorbing undercarriage. “Early orders for sales will commence late 2010.” Their website does not mention pricing, but other sources on the web estimate the Jetpack will cost $86,000 to $90,000.

The Martin website also has some interesting videos, including one on the history of the jetpack.

The Martin Jetpack [Manufacturer’s Site]

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5 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Martin Jetpack

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Sweet, yeah its cool and many of the modern day inventions come form people like this….


  2. Shalin says:

    Very cool. Military has been looking into this and variation for a while.

    I wonder when someone will lease a bunch of these for resort island “extreme adventure” packages…


  3. Toolhearty says:

    I’ve always wondered how you get someone to test pilot something like this…

    “Just put your back up against this 200hp motor and we’ll strap you to it. That noise, it’s just the two props spinning inches from your head. Now, you should be able to fly like Superman. No, really, it’s perfectly safe. We’ve tested it with countless computer simulations. …and if anything does go wrong, don’t worry, we won’t hold you responsible.”

  4. SouseMouse says:

    Toolhearty, you already answered your own question: “fly like Superman”. That’s all most people need to hear, everything else is blah-blah-blah.

    Risk of lawsuits is probably what drives the price so high, however.

  5. Ronald Gurowitz says:

    I agree with sousemose, “james bond style jetpac? cool”
    “I could die? whatever, when can I try it”
    This is in the I gotta get me one of these category.

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