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Since the addition of my daughter to the family, my re-emergence into the shop has been a little slow. However, recently for the first time in a while I found myself back in the saddle and ready to go. One of the first projects was to get a static tool-stand base moving. I had to look no further than the rig reader JDwires posted to the Flickr pool.

His mobile base set him back a little scrap and some hardware. This is the kind of project I get into. JD used a bar lever as the actuator to pop a set of casters up and down which lets the saw attached to it roll around or sit tight — brilliant sir, both in the execution and the budget for the project. My hat is off to you. I will have a very similar one rolling around shortly.

Mobile Tool Base [Toolmonger Photo Pool]


9 Responses to From The Flickr Pool: DIY Mobile Base

  1. Joel Wires says:

    Thanks for the mention guys. Thanks for the kind words. I’d love to see your version of my design. I’m always looking for ways to improve my stuff. 🙂


  2. davis says:

    Saw this design on flicker pool earlier, have aquired all materials, will build soon. nice design, thanks


  3. rg says:

    That’s nice, simple, and clever. Well done!

  4. Shopmonger says:

    I saw this on the flikr pool and thought is was great…… Nice job


  5. george says:

    that is exactly what i have needed, a simple design like that. i’m in a wheelchair and need ideas like that to move things. thanks so much.

  6. Jim says:

    I like the overall design with a hardware list that includes 4 hinges and 4 casters. I believe that with some slight modifications, you could accomplish the same with 3 casters (2 fixed, 1 swivel) and a single hinge. The modification would include mounting the two fixed casters vertically to the outside of the frame, then the single swivel caster and hinge inside or outside the frame on the opposite side. The fixed casters would only make contact with the floor when the swivel caster is engaged via the lever. This configuration would not have the same 4-way mobility, but would reduce hardware cost, construction components and work on a closed or obstructed machine base. It would also reduce the effort to lift the machine.

    I constructed a similar base for a heavy wood lathe I previously owned.


  7. Joel Wires says:

    You are right about reducing the cost, losing all-way mobility, and the obstructed base. As for the ease of lifting, this configuration is surprisingly easy to lift. After using the finished rig, I think I went WAY overboard on the hinges. I probably could have gotten away with a couple of smaller utility hinges.

    I’m glad this helps you out. I was toying with the idea of a cable release for the lever at the bottom. Also, you could probably use a pull cord and pulley to raise the base if foot operation is not possible. I hope you post what you end up making on flickr so we can see the result.


  8. MonaRaeHill says:

    this is ingenious.

  9. MonaRaeHill says:

    can someone post a link to the (flicker pool), where the plans are? thanks (newbie).

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