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Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. It’s just a bunch of dummies on Segway RMP 200/ATV platforms being developed by Marathon Robotics for live-fire training. The RMP 200/ATV is one of several two- and four-wheel Segway Robotic Mobility Platforms designed for use in a variety of applications including exploration, mapping, surveillance, mobile manipulation, and more. They even have models with Mecanum wheels (and neat animation on the website showing the sideways and rotating movements possible with these wheels).

For the live-fire training with these moving targets, Marathon Robotics armor-plated the platforms and added mannequins that stop and drop when shot. At the same time they send out a message to the other platforms so they can run for cover.

RMP 200/ATV [Manufacturer’s Site]
Rover System [Marathon Robotics]

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3 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Segway Robotic Mobility Platforms

  1. Cameron Watt says:

    Segway mounted targets? Cool, but I’m feeling jealous….

    In the 90’s in Canada we didn’t have enough money to use blanks for training exercises and were asked to yell BANG! instead….BUCKET-AH! for a burst. You’d hear guys goofing around and yelling BUDGETCUTS! BUDGETCUTS! or BUCKET-AH-CHICKEN! BUCKET-AH-CHICKEN! instead but the sad truth was our children at least had cap guns; in that regard they were better equipped to play war than we were.

    …just saying.

  2. Bob says:

    Be grateful. The Armored guys had to slog thru waist deep mud yelling Tank…Tank…Tank……

    The Paratroopers made a heck of a mess out by the airfield.

  3. Cameron Watt says:

    Hahaha, Bob! I ran into that once. On a training exercise I saw a fellow trudging along out in the open by himself so I jumped up and yelled, BANG, BANG! and this guy kept coming at me. I yelled BUCKETA, BUCKETA-CHICKEN-WITH-SLAW! and he still kept coming. Then an umpire jumped out of a bush and told me I was dead! Man, was I angry when I found out that I was shooting at a tank…

    Seriously, if you want to see a cool robot with military potential then Google “Boston Robotics Big Dog” They’ve gone and mechanized pack mules!

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