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When you’re working around high voltage, you shouldn’t be using a tool that feels awkward in your hands. In redesigning their cable knives, Knipex focused on ergonomics to make their tools more comfortable to use.

They added a “slip-proof,” soft grip material to the handle, gave it a thumb recess and finger hook, and angled the slip guard to make this 1000V rated knife fit better in your hand and easier to pull when cutting. Oil-hardened to keep it sharp, the blade also comes with a transparent cap to protect it (or maybe protect you from it).

Knipex makes two models: one fixed straight blade and another coated with plastic opposite the cutting edge to prevent short circuits. You can find the older style knives for anywhere between $15 and $30, so we can only assume that the new style will be similarly priced.

Cable Knife [Knipex]

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4 Responses to Preview: Redesigned Knipex Cable Knives

  1. Tetsubo says:

    I don’t really have a use for this, but I want one. 🙂

  2. @Tetsubo:

    It’s funny, when I first saw the new version I thought, “Hmm, interesting tool.” But when I saw the version it was replacing I thought, “Wow the new version looks so much cooler. Maybe I should post about it.”

    It reminds me of the old advice about hanging around ugly people if you want someone to find you attractive.

    I think Knipex would sell more knives if they showed the old version.

  3. Cameron Watt says:

    High voltage chip carving knife?

    I like that comment about it being oil hardened….shouldn’t we only care what the properties of the blade are, and not how they were created?

    I strip insulation with a knife but my father, an electrician, never let any of his apprentices do it as his first experiences with them involved sloppy cutting and nicking of wires. When working for him you nip and trim away with your Kleins. I can’t comment about what the norm is for electricians or linemen though, just what welders and guys schlepping wire for my father do.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    Cameron, knowing how its made will tell you about its properties….


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