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Craftsman club members usually get the best deals on Craftsman gear, and lawn care is no exception. From now until April 24th, Craftsman club folks can knock a chunk off mowers like the 46” lawn tractor above, shedding about $350 off the regular price.

Of course, that assumes a few things — the first being you actually have over a grand to spend on a new lawn tractor this year and are not aboard the fix-it-till-the-wheels-fall-off program like the rest of us. The second is that you do have the cash and are going to spend it on a mower and you are enough of a brand loyalist to give it to Sears. Still, the offer is there and it is a few hundred in the right direction.

If you aren’t a Club member, remember it takes about ten minutes to sign up online and start getting the deals, so don’t panic if you’ve got an itchy trigger finger and no club card to pull it with.

Craftsman Lawn and Garden [Sears]


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