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Italian four-door jokes aside, this four-port air line splitter from DeWalt looks pretty durable. Besides a nice big carry handle (which, incidentally, seems well-placed to protect the regulator adjustment knob), it also features a liquid-filled gauge to help you dial in the perfect pressure. And it’s factory leak-tested — unlike the last monstrosity you made out of a bunch of Harbor Freight fittings and PTFE tape.

The plastic housing includes hang holes, which makes slapping it on a 2×4 at the jobsite a bite easier, too.

One drawback: $45 seems like a lot of cash for four splitters and a regulator, though it is well under my “spend now so you don’t have to spend later” limit.

Quadraport Air Line Splitter w/Regulator (D55040) [DeWalt]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


9 Responses to The Quadraport: No, Not The Quattroporte

  1. Toolhearty says:

    It was not a monstrosity. It may not have been very pretty, but it worked.

  2. Justin says:

    …and it was way less than $45.

  3. Toolhearty says:

    In other words, it had character.

  4. Trevor says:

    Now that I’ve got the compressor in a sound-suppressing enclosure, running shop air lines to several points around the garage is the next thing on the list. Until I saw this, the only choices have been “leaky HF monstrosity” or too-expensive commercial unit. This looks like a winner to me.

    I’ll be buying one of these as soon as Amazon gets them in stock. I dunno where Toolmonger came up with $45, though — MSRP appears to be $59.99.

  5. I actually like this. I wish I had one years ago when I was working in a mobil home factory. (Where most tools are pneumatic and all air-lines are leaky and improvised).

    Trevor, if you can afford it your best bet is to run schedule 40 steel pipe to each workbench and then plug in a short whip hose wherever you need it. I’ve seen all the different variations, and steel pipe is the best in the long run.

    Right now, you might be able to find an out-of sprinkler fitter to put it in for you pretty cheap.

  6. Jordan says:

    Oh it WAS factory tested.

  7. Shopmonger says:

    Monstrosity? I spent 4-5 hours polishing that thing with a buffing wheel and some jewelers rouge. Damn that copper can shine…..and it wasn’t’ that heave, i mean it only took 3 lag bolts to hold it up on the wall…….and that 50ft of PTFE tape was getting old anyway…….

    In all fairness Dewalt has made some good pneumatics and i think for the hardcore guys on sites this is probable not a bad way to go , besides a good regulator can cost more than $45….


  8. Dan says:

    I’m sold!

    All I know is we break more couplers and lose more cobbled together fittings than I care to think about on the jobsite. Whatever keeps my crew working is worth a few extra bucks.

    It looks like the regulator controls some of the couplers apart from the compressor. If it does that it would be good in preventing damage to our lighter gauge guns.

    Will it survive a drop from the roof? Cause we will drop it it.

  9. Eric Renkiewicz says:

    I saw this at the trade show. It is not a splitter times 4. the two on the left are controlled by the regulator. Meaning you could run 2 different ‘guns or what have you” at once

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