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These wicked looking objects are actually 7-1/4″ saw blades from Smartman Tools. Used for roofing repairs, they’re designed to cut through roof decking — shingles and all. Presumably because of their unique design, Smartman Tools claim they last longer than their competition’s blades.

Designed for cutting through three layers of shingles or tar and gravel roofs, the three winged 3x RipBlade can cut over 7500 linear feet without clogging. Under a little less harsh conditions, say only two layers of shingles, you might want to switch to the five winged 5x RipBlade which goes a little longer without clogging. Both blades can be resharpened.

If you buy the blades from the Smartman Tools website, you’ll pay $28 for the 3x RipBlade and $33 for the 5x RipBlade. You’ll plunk down an extra $10 for shipping and handling, but it seems to be a flat fee.  I put 20 blades in my cart and they still only charged $10 shipping and handling.

RipBlades [Smartman Tools]

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4 Responses to Throwing Stars Or Saw Blades?

  1. Bob says:

    Now that’s a deep gullet!!!

  2. Aaron says:

    Looks like it would kickback pretty bad…?

  3. fred says:

    I’ll pass this on to my roofing sub.
    From the website – it seems that they would have you mount your saw in a lawnmower-type cart and then use one of these blades to help cut up the old roof into smaller pieces. On big industrial roofs – the roofing guys already bring out machinery for rip-out

  4. shopmonger says:

    I wonder if you could mount this to a gas powered lawn edger which would give you the torque advantage to control for kickback and make long straight cuts to really slice down a roof into 3 or 4 foot sections….. Maybe that should be my next project…..


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