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We have always been big fans of Miller welding helmets. They’re functional and always keep up with the current safety standards. That, however, is not why we dig them –- it’s the way they look, and from now until May 31, 2010, Miller is hosting a design contest where the winner will get their bad-ass design on a limited production run of Miller welding helmets and a grand prize package totaling $3,100.

The steps to enter are pretty simple:

1. Think of a unique, original design for a Miller helmet
2. Download the helmet line drawings & draft your design
3. Submit Your Design Here by May 31, 2010. Miller will choose the top 3 finalists and beginning June 21, 2010 you can vote for the winner.

Judging from past Miller rigs I’d say slapping “that thing your kid did” on the line drawing isn’t going to get it. We’re guessing the design will be insane and completely sweet, but either way we’re getting a new ripping-ass piece of gear to wear while welding, and that can’t be bad.

Hood Hysteria Contest [Miller]


4 Responses to DIY Miller Hood Hysteria

  1. lungofish says:

    I am so on that.

  2. John says:

    This could be the ultimate movie tie-in. Iron Man hood.

  3. reflexx says:


  4. fstedie says:

    I would love to do a darth vader hood but they can’t use any image associated with a movie, etc. without licensing fees. The nice thing about a contest for them is that they’ll get hundreds of ideas and it will only cost them a couple of grand.

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