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If you sign up (i.e., give them your email address), you can get “free weekly e-tips” from the editors of Woodsmith and ShopNotes magazines. The e-tips will include how-to videos, handy shop tips, and news about “featured products” — you weren’t expecting all this without an ad or two, were you? Based on the sample I saw (see link below), the web site allows you to select and preview either the tip of the week, the video of the week, or the featured products, so you don’t appear to be locked into looking at everything.

The picture above is from a tip of the week showing how to use a sanding drum with a notched fence to smooth straight sections of a cabinet base cutout. The video of the week was about jointing the edge of a board on a router table (from the Woodsmith Shop TV show).

Woodsmith TIPS [Manufacturer’s Site]

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4 Responses to Free Weekly Tips From Woodsmith

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Not only do they give some great tips, but they also do a monthly or so video podcast that is a seminar at the thier store… some of the best instruction i have seen on specific subjects that if freeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


  2. browndog77 says:

    I subscribed to the tips about the same time I put Toolmonger on my home page! They are side-by-side on top of everything else! Good company!

  3. Dean in Des Moines says:

    I was at last night’s Woodsmith seminar and was told they are working on more podcasts from seminars ~2 yrs ago. You can find the seminar podcasts at http://www.woodworkingonline.com/

  4. john darby says:

    send me tips & anything on model ship display cases

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