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Invented by British product designer Chris Elsworthy, the Power8 Workshop’s case converts into a tablesaw, scroll saw, or drill press (in which case the tablesaw’s fence becomes the upright for the drill). The kit comes with four cordless tools: a 5-½” circular saw, a jigsaw, a variable speed 3/8″ drill/driver, and a flashlight. An assortment of drill bits, driver bits, and jigsaw blades plus a soft tool bag are also included.

In the benchtop mode, one of the kit’s two “power handles” (containing an 18V, 1.6Ah battery pack) installs into the left side of the benchtop cabinet (as shown below) to provide central power, controlled by switches on the front, for a drill press, tablesaw, or scroll saw. The left side also contains the battery charger and cord. The power handles can drive each one of the tools directly.

There’s a video of the $369.99 Power8 Workshop in action at the first Highland link below.

This could be just the thing for smaller job sites, or if you have limited or no workshop space. What do you think? Is this a viable “workshop in a box?” Let us know in comments.

Power8 Workshop [Highland Woodworking]
Meet The Power8 Workshop [Highland Woodworking Wood News]

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94 Responses to Hot Or Not: Power8 Portable Workshop

  1. Jaxx says:

    This is a pretty nice set really, need to wait and see how tough it is for light contracting work.

    I just want to know when they are going to cut it out with the stupid torch in mulitpower sets, or at least give people the option of no torch and a cheaper price!

  2. Jaxx says:

    I retract that previous comment about the torch (only in this set mind) just read this bit “We weren’t sure about the flashlight at first, until Chris showed how it can be used to illuminate your work and also for shining into awkward corners, fixed to the drillpress upright.” so great idea if you are using the saw somewhere without other lighting.

  3. ToolGuyd says:

    On one hand, there are no other cordless table saws, drill presses, or scroll saws on the market, at least to my knowledge. On the other hand, there’s good reason for that.

    My main concern about this set is that it might be underpowered, and its seemingly mostly plastic construction doesn’t instill a sense of durability or reliability.

    I wrote out a whole long critique of the Power8 workshop (link), and won’t be convinced to consider it HOT anytime soon.

    Since writing about the Power8, I’ve been on the lookout for user reviews to see if I was way off track with my conclusions and opinions of it, and I haven’t found any. There are a few reviews on retailer sites here and there, but nothing on enthusiast blogs, forums, or other such sites.

    • Martyn says:

      Most of the comments are wide of the mark.
      Without using it how can you grade any tool system and how can you comment on it from a video.
      I have been using this piece of kit for over a year and have not found any trouble with the rugedness or quality of the tools.
      I have just used the jigsaw on 30mm timber to cut a recess and the hammer drill to drill into brick and found no problem with the performance at all.
      In fact for such small tools they ferform above and beyond as I have used them to there limit and they have done what it says on the tin.
      As for battery life just buy the Li-ion 2.6 Ah cells and you will be fine.
      Thought this might inform the uninformed.

      Great piece of kit.

      • Logan's Dad says:

        Thanks for the comment from someone that’s used it. Still like it after a few more months?

    • Clive thomas says:

      I think you are way off with your review. I have had mine for a few years now and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s tough and durable and never let me down. The drill is powerful enough to drill my reinforced concreate walls. I have made wooded planters with the mitre saw for some dwarf fruit trees out of marine ply. I have used the jigsaw for making some stencils for my wife’s crafting. What never fails to amaze me is the batteries. I can leave them for months without using one and it never loses it’s charge. The battery life is much better than all my other cordless power tools, and I have some really expensive cordless tools. I don’t bother with my other cordless power tools, I just use what’s in my Power8Workshop. No I do not work for the company that makes them, I just appreciate good stuff

      • Sandie says:

        Bought my workstation in ’09. Can’t speak highly enough. so versatile as we are on 5 acres. Problem is I have worn out the power handles from use. Not once but twice! Not sure where you are but in Australia we cannot get them anywhere. They are not available anymore. Any suggestions on where I can get replacement handles?

  4. Dan says:

    After watching the video, I’m surprised I haven’t seen this in an infomercial yet. Personally I’d have to try it in person to consider buying into this system.

  5. rob says:

    good concept
    but I still don’t think it would be hot as said before these things have not been made cordless yet by anyone else for a good reason

    and with a 1.6ah battery saws really don’t last that long if your setup as a drill press or a tables saw you plan on being there for a while if you had one hole or one cut you wouldn’t likely be looking for a drill press or table saw

    • Treas says:

      Ah is the key to this. You do not want to have down time by waiting to charge batteries. That means as it stands today its current use is for the handy person maybe hobby or doing a small job for mum/nanna/kids etc.

      • Clive thomas says:

        It has two batteries. You can charge one and use one. If you are using the table saw you can use the saw and charge your battery at the same time. As for the charge not lasting, load of rubbish. I made 4 planters with the mitre saw (Locked in to the base to use as a table saw) and then screwed it all together on one battery

  6. PutnamEco says:

    Looks like what will become of Shopsmith, once the Chinese get a hold of it.

  7. nolaw says:

    Sell the idea to Festool, let them perfect it. I have been waiting for them to come up with some idea to give them an excuse to make a full line of cordless tools, seems right up their alley.

    • andy h says:

      Festool if only!!!! and only then i would

    • mack lawson says:

      I immediately thought of Festool when I saw this video as well. This product seems great for a homeowner needing tools once and awhile for small projects without having to buy each one or a sub-contractor doing small jobs. If Festool made this it would be construction grade but would cost at least 5 times of the power8. Pretty cool though.

  8. Shopmonger says:

    I think this would be great for many small contractor jobs, even having a small drill press and all of your tools in one handy box is nice, People who do trim work, or even some electricians might want this to modify baseboards and drill some small holes in sockets and boxes. Even better, what about the model makers who don’t need a large tool and are cutting relatively soft materials, this may be safer and portable to take on vacation with you….or even to take to your winter/summer cabin to have some tool for repairs if necessary.


  9. Peter W says:

    This might be somewhat useful for light, non-precision work. The video showed too much tool mount flex in nearly every application. For instance, the whole reason for being of a drill press is to form repeatable, accurate, and precise holes, which is impossible with this kit. Using the tablesaw would result in a lot of scrappage, since even in the video the cut wasn’t straight.

    Absent the workshop case, the design has a serious flaw: the union location for the batterypack and tool head. Unless the mating surfaces are a very close fit and strong, there will be uncontrolled movement of the tool head, leading to sloppy work.

    Harbor Fright should sell this for 2/3 the price. Even then, I wouldn’t waste my money.

    Interesting concept, but Not Hot.

    • Joe Hall says:

      Once again…who cares what you think if you’ve never used one. Most everyone have preconceived notions. It’s a product review not a video review. Keep up the good work, you’ve got a really good imagination, and we all care how things turn out in it.

  10. Painter Jeff says:

    While I feel the concept is pretty cool, the execution just isn’t “there” yet IMO.

    I could see this used in certain situations where (un)packing the usual suspects could be a pain. Say trimming 2 windows out in a occupied house, etc.

    Needs more “polish” and I might be interested

    • Joe Hall says:

      More polish huh? Wow, what a surprise . Painter Jeff doesn’t like the color. He might be interested in it if it were chromed out. If you mean fine tuned by polished once again who cares if youve never used one.

  11. metis says:

    i’m just not seeing it. unless the battery is outstanding, i’m gonna burn through both of em on a small project in under an hour from cutting the boards, and be stuck sans driver to assemble.

    i like the concept, but the impressively unsafe tool use in the video (come on, a chisel as a pry bar? and the multiple games of lets remove a finger?) makes me want to be no where near this.

    if the marketing dept is so eager for a liability lawsuit by showing hazardous use, i’m not expecting the qc or general quality to be enough to hold the saw blades where they’re supposed to be when moving.

    concept? hot for a home owner doing a few things.
    implementation? dangerously cold.

  12. fred says:

    Multi-tools must have great appeal since you see so many attempts at making them. I grew up hearing the adage to use the right tool for the job – and by doing so you have a better chance of getting the job done right, on time and safely. Folks with issues like severely limited budgets, tight space requirements and difficulties in transporting equipment might buy into the multi-tool concept. I can certainly see the appeal of a combination tool on a camping trip or when biking. But when you’re transporting your tools to the jobsite by truck – you probably have a bit more space than would require resorting to something like this – even if it would survive the jobsite or being tossed in the back of the truck. I try out a lot of new tools – to see if they can improve our performance, productivity, safety etc. I will not likely try this set – but as always I’ll keep an open mind if others try it and it gets high marks.

    • Joe Hall says:

      I’m not sure why you reviewed it then fred, let alone why you need multitools when your biking, and maybe you could improve your company’s bottom line by teaxhing your crew how to handle your stuff if you’re worried this can’t hang with loading and unloading…you must have a really clumsy crew. Make sure you have your helmets on those bike trips, fred.

  13. whatsamatter says:

    Can we get a separate category for comments by those who have never used a tool they are commenting on? That way we can ignore them?
    Honestly, if you haven’t used the tool, your comments are not that useful.

    • Barney McComas says:

      Exactly. The concept is amazing, but that says nothing about the quality, performance, durability, etc. Who writes a review about something they’ve never seen in person, much less used? Very odd and unhelpful.

      • Joe Hall says:

        Well said. These thought experiment reviewers think that their carefully documented opinions, based on their play time imaginations somehow warrent the readers patience. Give me a break.

    • Phil19111 says:

      First comment that holds water, lol

  14. Average Joe says:

    I could see IKEA selling this to apartment dwellers, but that’s about it. The compact size would lend itself to taking up less room at the landfill.

  15. Ben says:

    Canadian Tire (in Canada) started to sell it around Christmas time and it’s already gone from their website. It doesn’t mean the product is no good but if it didn’t stay more than a couple months, it means either it’s not a good seller or they have problems with it.

    I saw the unit and tried it (the rep was there doing demos and the tools were fully operational). I would never buy such tool even if I was a contractor or hobbyist. Too much flex in every tool and their weak NiCad battery will eventually turn this piece of junk into a nice boat anchor. Will they be still in business in a couple years when you need a new battery?

    Anyone with a little bit of experience also know that making tools capable of a zillion functions often turn them into poor tool for each individual function.

    Not HOT.

    • Logan's Dad says:

      Ok, so it is a NiCad battery setup, that’s the flag for me. I’d be pretty tempted if it had a lithium ion and a bit more metal in the construction of the frame. I do like the idea of converting a hand held drill into a press.

      • Martyn says:

        You can get Lithium-ion power handles up to 3amp/hour either separately or as a complete workshop.
        The saw can cut through a door at a pinch and the hammer drill which I bought separately is very powerful.

        Hope this helps.

      • Joe Hall says:

        Well, tell Logan not to get you one for Father’s Day then, but I for one really don’t care a lot about how you generally feel on the subject of interchangeable drill presses.

    • Bienb says:

      it’s Lithium ion batteries, not NiCad… who uses NiCad nowadays?! LoL

      It’s out of stock everywhere, probably because they get sold faster than they can be produced?

  16. ambush says:

    I haven’t used this or even heard of it before, but it definitely looks …inexpensive to put it politely.

  17. Brau says:

    Having been involved in retrofitting security systems, I would have liked something like this to carry in my van for the occasional time I had to fab up a piece of moulding that got broken. I have no idea whether this Power8 set is hot or not (looks cheap-ass) but I hope the concept lives on and gets improved.

  18. Jerry says:

    Nobody else has said it, so I will: Are they trying to fool wives into buying this for hubby by coloring it the same as the Hitachi tools he has in the shop now? As a fan of DeWalt, I have often commented, when talking tools, “yellow and black” is good. I ended up with various gifts that came my way with the best of intentions simply because of their “yellow and black” coloration. Some were truly awesome but many were ready for a Billy Mayes promo.

  19. Randy Saunders says:

    This is a nice concept, and I am sure that, like the “slap chop” guy, Chris Elsworthy has faith in his product. But in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche,”A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything”. This offering is best left to the armchair carpenter, to set proudly gathering dust on a garage shelf. The quality of construction and weak battery pales in comparison to offerings from Dewalt and other serious toolmakers who at least attempt to meet the needs of their customers.

  20. Patrick says:

    looks like a quick way to becoming a bass player instead of lead guitar.

  21. Neil Bruce says:

    I’ve had a lot of dealings with Chris Elsworthy who invented the Power8 Workshop. In fact I bumped into him at the weekend at the Gadget Show in Birmingham where he was promoting the Power8 as well as all the other new inventions he has.
    I think the original Power8 Workshop Plus with the 1.7ah batteries was limited in runtime but now there is the newer Duration model with 2.6ah batteries and lithium ion versions in the pipeline this problem is solved somewhat.
    It’s true, this workstation is not aimed at everyday worksite use but it is very sturdy and reliable. It’s also true that you could buy into a cheap cordless system of tools for a similar price but this does give the convenience of a lot of tools in one box.
    For the record I would put this in the HOT category having used it and having seen it abused by Chris and his team at CEL Enterprises.

    Neil Bruce – Toolstop

  22. @whatsamatter

    “Can we get a separate category for comments by those who have never used a tool they are commenting on? That way we can ignore them?”

    Hint: You can ignore them anyway.

  23. Tak says:

    I’ve got the duration model as I like the concept of a portable table saw, was a bit concerned that the box can’t be clamped down for stability.

    Initially used it for my wife’s “make wooden plant containers” project, went fine with that. Then I tried it on solid bamboo flooring (15mm deep pieces), cutting along the edge (90cm) fails after cutting half piece – battery runs out! why? too much friction in the system coming from two main areas – friction from the guide rail, and friction from the secondary shield’s metal bit (had to manually take the whole shield off) – tried to cut without both the guide and the shield still not good. I had to resurrect my corded jigsaw 🙁

    for the person who doesn’t have any tools, space is limited, use for small & inaccurate jobs = good (all the tools fit into the box!). for the bigger projects, it’s a no no.

    Concept is excellent, but it should really have an option to use the tools from a mains power source, as I’m sure every owner will eventually be frustrated when the battery runs out and there is a mains source nearby. also realising after paying £££ this set won’t help complete the job (esp when you can buy a corded tool for less £) – I’ve even thought of cutting the internal power cable to make an adapter switch to mains (I may do that).

    For the flooring project I need to take a door off and cut it, I don’t think the power8 will do this time… 🙁

  24. Tak says:

    re: cutting the bamboo flooring – the 2 problems were
    #1 friction causing the battery to run out very quickly, and
    #2 the battery running out (mains option would be nice)

    • Martyn says:

      I have been using the power 8 workshop for at least 2 years.
      The only con I can find is the small swivel feet on the one end of the stand fall off ocasionly.
      It is very handy and the drills are powerfull especially the hammer drill option which is powerfull and ruged and comes with a single sleeve chuck.
      As for lack of runtime- buy the Li-ion power handles. I have not used ni-cads for many years. Short life and memory problems.
      The saw- I use it a lot as a table saw instead of my large Ryobi tale saw as it is more accurate and more portable.
      And using it as a stand alone saw I have sawn through several internal doors and it managed those at a push.
      When using the saw in the table I use it pluged into the mains with the transformer in place of the power handle. This works a treat and I can use the drills for drilling and screwing with the two power handles.
      I believe for me it does what it says on the tin.
      And use your tools within there limits and don`t abuse them.
      Its “HOT” for me.
      Martyn in Birmingham UK

    • Mo says:

      I have used the power8 workshop for 2yrs now and arguably one of the best buys I have made. The ni-Cad battery rus out fairly quickly when using the saw but with the Li-Ion battery it is great.
      As a table saw or scroll saw a mains power pack is a must.
      All in all a good product at a good price.

  25. Napi says:


    I am pretty sure you could plug the cord to the power source and charge the unit while still using it. Wont that solve the problem?


    watch it at 2:32 minute where the unit could still be operated while charging.

  26. Kdkk says:

    I like it but wtf is the torch for should of built in a router or a sander
    Or both

  27. John says:

    If this could be plugged into a 12 volt system it could be a dream come true for sailboat cruisers. on a sailboat space is very limited and maintenance is a constant. A cruiser in the Bay of Cortez has few options when it comes to repairing a grab rail or hatch cover, etc. This tool set would allow many of these repairs. Using stainless parts could make it viable. Also with a system to plug into a boat’s power system for charging and use, would extend the usable time. This could be a hot item in the right market.

    • Steve Bush says:

      You could plug this into any internal AC Inverter on a Boat. You could even charge it off a dedicated Solar PV unit with inverter.

  28. Corey says:

    This was a great set I bought this off the tv in 2011 and loved it but then it was stole out of my truck I have gone online to buy another one and you can’t buy them anymore it suck if anyone knows. Where to get them please post and let me know . Even amazon says out of stock and don’t know if they will even be getting them back .

    • Ryan small says:


      The power8 workshop is still available and also the new professional version, try my ebay shop, my shop name is ryantools4you, I sell a lot of CEL power tools and also own them myself


  29. Chris Robinson says:

    I bought one of these just over a year ago now.
    I was very skeptical of th durability or design of this tool system. I quickly tossed the manual aside and went at it like any guy would.
    in a matter of minutes I had the table saw set up and cutting some light wood possibly molding. Had no issues. Quickly I moved up through to hard and wet woods. and while the saw cut through them it certainly gave a sigh of relief when done with the wet wood, and didnt seem to have much issue with the hard wood other then had to move a little slower, but it was a good clean cut.

    After a year of owning it now, I need new batteries and am not sure if the batteries are bad or the charging system. being an electronics engineer I am more inclined to troubleshoot this myself.
    Overall this tool system has asked everything i have asked it to do, from cutting stainless steel, 3/16 inch thick washers, to custom cutting and fabricating of hobby stuff such as wood for RC airplanes, soft and hard metals and woods for high power rockets, it has done precision drilling for me in electronics board for control units, and other electronic, fabrication projects.

  30. Russell says:

    I was given the Power8 package about 18 months ago and have found it quite useful for many jobs around the house and know that it is a not a tradesman’s tools kit. I have put it in the car boot and solved many problems with it.
    I now want to cut box joints with it and that is what brought me here. Besides braking off the plastic saw guard any ideas? Cheers Russell

  31. Michael says:

    Ozito P8. Great outfit, but my power hadle will now not charge. Where do I buy replacement handles and how long should I expect the handles to last with weekend work. I live in Melbourne/Australia

  32. Dr Phil says:

    Actually, it’s made by CEL in the UK and re-badged for us in Oz. CEL are designers -> I just picked up their kickstarter 3d pritner and it’s amazing. Guys are also quite helpful in the UK

    PS: all who are commenting are proving that they’re no better than “armchair carpenters.”
    Ever heard of “engineering”? If you lot had it your way we’d never be using composites- you know that “plastic” stuff called carbon fiber!

  33. Chris s says:

    All I can say is it was totally useless on site lost a lot of cash never again .

  34. Mathew says:

    Re: batteries not lasting. CEL sell an accessory called the PH-AC which is a transformer you put into the charging port on the bench. better for all bench-based working, i.e. table saw/jigsaw. Also their extender plugs into the transformer and the other end is a power handle so you can use the tools corded when required. Still not as good as mains but I have cut 40mm worktop with it corded. It will cut almost anything if you are sensible.

  35. I shall reply to myself and for the interest of anyone in the same boat! My 18v NICD batteries were showing about 11v –apparently too low for the charger to charge. So I briefly connected a fully charged 24v NICD (showing about 29v)across the 18V terminals of the “dead” batteries (about 10 touches in about 5 secs). That brought the voltages up to about 17v, at which point they both became acceptable to the charger (as indicated by green flashing light). After an hour or so both were fully charged (steady green light).

    • Doug Jones says:

      Thanks Barry, just the info I needed. However in my case I used a 20 volt laptop computer charger and connected the handle via a jury rig wire for about a minute. Pulled the NI CD up enough to start charging. Unfortunately I had pulled apart the second handle trying to diagnose the problem.

      Does anyone know if the new Pro Li handle is compatible with the Power 8 charger?

      • Ish says:

        It turns out that this method of “zapping” a NiCad/NICD battery is well known. I had luck unplugging and plugging in the charger repeatedly (about 50 times), then leaving it plugged in. After a short while, the battery started charging again. I don’t expect it to be a permanent solution, but hopefully it gets the tools working again.

  36. Mauricio says:

    I need to know to buy this product values agradecere interests me if you have a distributor in Chile, awaiting your reply Yours
    Moya maurcio

  37. jeff says:

    Instead of flashlight, grinder is more useful.

  38. Roberto says:

    e qual o valor em Reais

  39. Power Tools says:

    I think this is a great product for DIY/Gadget enthusiasts and it’ll be greta the first couple of days you have it to show off.

    However the tools aren’t very powerful and judging by my mates one it doesn’t have the best build quality so the trade will never use it and most DIYers don’t need or want to have most of the features. I think theres a good idea here somewhere i just think this falls short of knowing what it wants to be.

  40. Cat says:

    I would love to have this for small jobs around the house and it would be perfect to keep in my travel trailer. I am always finding small things to do while out camping and never have my woodshop with me. well this would solve that issue. now I wonder if I can get it in pink!

  41. Moosa A Ali says:

    I want to buy one power8 workshop
    Need yo know cost inc delivery charges To Bahrain

  42. Eliú Aquino says:

    Como posso obter uma dessa? E quanto custa o produto já incluso o valor da postagem pro Brasil?

  43. borox says:

    Looks very handy and versatile..for home use I think it can do the job, but just by the look of it don’t even close to contractor grade..

  44. Debra Adkins says:

    Perfect for the Boat owner with little of no storage space. We travel every where, and have a generator so we can charge up. Fathers Day is coming up, will buy one for my DH

  45. ivor says:

    Didn’t get the light with mine wtf

  46. muhammad Firdaus says:

    Hi..im from malaysia.how can I buy this thing.

  47. Mahfodz Hamid says:

    Where can I buy power8 workshop in Malaysia?

  48. Treas says:

    Now this design is out there in the market place, DEWALT or MAKITA need to take this design to a quality tradesman level

  49. chandulal suthar says:

    This is good products

  50. Alex says:

    Now, this is interesting but actually is there something like this, not cordless, I know it can be direct plugged but what I mean is similar things, for someone to have a few DIY tools without actually buying a ton of expensive equipment

  51. Jamal AlChatta says:

    I believe after I watch the video it’s amazing tools to have, therefore please advise how can I purchase on considering the fact I am overseas in Bahrain, Manama

    Will be great to hear how, thank you in advance for your support.



  52. Luis says:

    What is the price of that OOL

  53. Haim Sadeh says:

    how can i buy this tools ?

  54. A haque says:

    Utterly useless price of imported junk. Having used it for agrand total of 2 days took a pick axe a sledgehammer then I got knackered .underpowered saw jigsaw wobbles charging dock keeps saying e4 .i am not knocking this product it is a brilliant concept but battery powered tools don’t have the oomph required

  55. Chris says:

    If the costtuction of this is rugged enough then it’s a cool idea as a one stop box for very small projects. It al depends on how accurate the tools are when used for the worktop applications. Also I think that with ought a couple of 5ah batteries for use with all this kit it just wouldn’t have power for long enough. You would spend as much time with batteries on charge as you would working so If there where an additional power cable that was incorporated into an extension lead to give the system a mains power option it would be great!

  56. Darren says:

    I got one of these already. The only problem is How the hell do I recharge the battery. It’s not even bin out the box yet 🙁

  57. Andreas Arvidsson says:

    As many has commented before I would love to see this done by Festool… But then the price would be very different. Probably over 1000 Usd. Still it would be worth it cause of how good Festools machines are by them self. Bought an almost unused kit for 60 Usd last week so I have tested it a little and I have to say that it Is wort the original price for smaller DIY home fixers but still has a long way before it will be enough for the pro market even with the new pro kit.

  58. arash says:

    how can i reset the power 8 workshop cell system,i have an error

  59. arash says:

    how can i reset the power 8 workshop cell system,i have an error and the new battery can not charging

  60. Masood Rayan says:

    Having a big, nice woodcutting station is great, but not everyone has the space required for that. DIYer Paoson Woodworking solves this with a portable workshop that folds down when not in use.

  61. Jason Rosser says:

    This may be fairly helpful for light work. The video indicated excessively apparatus mount flex in about each application. For example, the entire purpose behind being of a boring press is to shape repeatable, exact, and exact gaps, which is incomprehensible to this unit. Utilizing the circular saw would bring about a considerable measure of scrappage since even in the video the cut wasn’t straight.

    Cool but not so HOT

  62. I really like this kit because of it comes with 4 cordless tools and also with a flashlight. The Power8 Workshop was perfectly designed and I believe this would be greatly useful for the people who have this kit. Thanks for sharing the video for this kit.

  63. Very well done! Excellent workmanship! Will be PERFECT for my tiny home shop. Quick question, if you please, to your knowledge, has anyone converted your design for use with Imperial units (inches)? I live in the USA and access to metic-based lumber is difficult to say the least! I can do the conversions myself, but why repeat the work which may already be completed? Thank you!

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