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I just love it when something interesting you see on the web leads you to something else that’s equally interesting. And that’s just what happened when the Make blog reported on Katrina (Kat) Jungnickel’s presentation on “Stickytape” (she includes anything that’s in tape form and is adhesive or sticky: Sellotape, Scotch, Gaffa, duct, fusion, packing, invisible, double-sided, electrical, insulation, and masking), and the realization that it’s “not only a technology you cannot live without but it is also a metaphor for life.” There are plenty of examples in her slides (at her blog link below), but I particularly liked the following statement by her:

The world is full of stickytape stories – and to some they are a poor fix, a lazy response. It is easy to mock them. But what I argue is that there is innovation at play in many cases. It gets you involved in making stuff – makes you think you can do things, change things – re-imagine how things might be. Stickytape epitomises an experimental approach. It is emblematic of being able to fix anything.

Then her reference to the Institute of Backyard Studies and its writeup on tinkering sent me off to check that site.

I found several things there that I liked, not the least of which was their “Show and Tell Sheds” section, and a neat t-shirt with the 5 principles of shed science:

Toolmongers are everywhere.

Talk At The Science Museum – Stickytape! [Kat’s Blog]
Tinkering [Institute of Backyard Studies]

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6 Responses to Duct Tape Trail

  1. Shalin says:

    “Institute of Backyard Studies” – awesome! Ahhh…the things that just makes ya smile! 🙂

  2. PutnamEco says:

    Stu’s Shed over on wordpress is another great blog on Australian shed culture. He even made it to the big time recently and was on DIY networks Cool Tools. Don’t miss his vidcast “Shed TV” (http://stusshed.wordpress.com)

  3. Shopmonger says:

    Shalin!!! I totally agree……….Nothing that is worth while should be wasted…..and its all worth while……

    Although there are days when i wish the A-team would come by and use soem of my stuff to make some cool armored vehicle that shoots sh@$@.
    hmmmmmm? maybe i just need that cute girl in the farm outfit…..


  4. Brau says:

    Yup. I want that T-shirt!

    There are days I wish I had forty acres just to keep all the stuff I could “use” … maybe … someday. Stuff I just know retains value or harkens of an era that should not be forgotten. Then I’d need sheds to put it all in … or old trailers or whatever, and soon I’d be that weird hoarding guy on the news.

    And speaking of tape … I need some black vinyl or rubber tape about .5mm thick for a project and don’t know where to find it these days. I have a small old roll-end of vulcanized fabric tape but the stickiness has dried up too much over the decades.

  5. jeff says:

    @PutnamEco Big fan of Stu’s Shed here as well. His Rss feed is right below TM’s on Google Reader. In fact I learned about SS from someone here on TM, maybe it was you. If so, thanks.

  6. Shopmonger says:

    Jedd, Putnameco… I agree Stu rocks……


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