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Pull the over-sized trigger on Thomas & Betts’ pneumatic cable tie tool to tension, accidentally snap, and trim a cable tie in record time. Using any compressor that can generate 85-100psi of dry, oil-less air, the tool works with their own proprietary Ty-Rap brand cable ties, but it will probably accommodate a range of other ties as long as they are .094 to .184 wide.

Made with an impact-resistant polymer housing and soft over-molded grips, it’s designed to be lightweight and balanced to reduce user fatigue. The tool holds the cut-offs until you eject them so you don’t have to go back and clean up after yourself. It also has two built-in hangers to keep it within reach when you need both hands.

The narrow nose can be rotated 360˚ to reach cable ties in all but the most confined spaces. The tension can be set between 18lbs and 50lbs by twisting the adjustment wheel and a tension lock keeps the tension from wondering away from where you set it.

For your convenience, the pneumatic cable tie tool ships with a 9ft air hose. Since the only place we can find the tool sells it for $930, we’ll wait for the Harbor Freight version to come out..

Pneumatic Hand Tool [Thomas & Betts]
Pneumatic Hand Tool [Newark]

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5 Responses to Break Cable Ties Even Faster

  1. fred says:

    I guess this would fit into a production environment where you are assembling wire harnesses.
    For us grunts who use ties on ductwork – there ar tie guns made by Malco:


    and Midwest (their FCT-M-T1) that cost considerably less.

  2. Elliot says:

    When I was working in a bicycle shop, we used the Park Tool BT-2 cable pullers to tighten cable ties. It was meant for tensioning brake and derailleur cables during adjustment, but works like a charm on plastic ties.


    Pedro’s and Hozan make similar tools for about the same prices. The Hozan model doesn’t have a locking mechanism, which could be handy for cable ties.

  3. Is suspect that the real money is actually in the cable ties themselves.

    Its like nail guns,the companies practically give them away as long as you’re willing to order enough of their (surprisingly expensive) nails.

    I’ll stick with my 4th hand tool too, and keep getting my zip ties from the 99-cent store…

  4. blake says:

    I don’t see the point.
    I have a couple Greenlee manual ones that work vary well, and a bench-top one for wire harnesses (it takes spools of 5000 ties and shoots them down a hose to the gun).
    I think the manual ones where <$100.

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