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We’ve tried putting out a weekly Tool Talk podcast, and honestly it just pisses us off. Why? On our budget we can’t put enough material into a single podcast to make the show what we really believe it can be. But as “more Tool Talk!” was #1 in your list of requests (both in reply to our post earlier this year and via email endlessly), we have a plan:

We’re putting together a “season” of six Tool Talk episodes which we’ll release every two weeks once we’ve got ’em together. If you enjoy — and listenership numbers make it worthwhile — we’ll put together another “season.” If as many of you listen as email us about the ‘cast, we’ll be doing it for some time.

But we need your help: We’re looking to feature one reader project in each of our six episodes. So if you’ve got a cool project you completed in the last year or two, drop us a line either via our comment submission or to me directly at ccage@toolmonger.com. If we select your project, we’ll want to do a 15-30 minute phone interview with you, and we’ll need a few pictures of your finished work. If you’ve got in-progress photos, too, that’s even better.

So hit us up! Let us know what you’re working on. And be sure to tell us the story behind it as well. Remember: Toolmonger readers are probably the only people out there who give as much of a damn about the story behind the project as you do. Seriously!


16 Responses to Tool Talk Needs Your Help!

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Why not stretch your “season” by releasing one podcast a month? I would be happy with that.
    Right now I’m working on trying to find some work outside of piddling little busy work type things that just cover gas and food.
    Outside of that I’m building a couple of picnic tables. Not much of a story there. I do have a kiosk that I’m constructing, in a state park in my spare time.
    I have been taking a little of my time out to perform some much needed maintenance on a lot of my older tools, like an old Black & Decker circular saw that lives on a shelf in one of my tool closets that I keep around for those quick around the house type of stuff that I don’t want to go digging through all my regular tools to get done. I have even been thinking of breaking out the buffing wheels to polish up some of my older metal bodied tools. Might be a fitting retirement ceremony for some of them that I no longer use with any regularity.
    Some suggestions for the podcast. Look what Diggnation does, they take five or so popular internet headline stories and talk about them over beers for half an hour or so. I think that would work for tools.
    Interviews with tool people could be interesting. I bet people like Dino Makropoulos from EZ smart or Paul Akers of Fastcap or Shiraz Balolia of Grizzly tools, maybe even get some marketing guys or salesman like Bob Marino, would make a cool podcast.
    I really enjoyed the Shopsmith guy and auto wrench inventor podcasts.

  2. Brau says:

    Just logging my “vote”.

    I’m just not interested in talk show podcasts, no matter how infrequent. I am visually oriented. I want to see pictures, videos, see how the tool works, and hear from others (comments) some original or non-standard uses they have found for tools that I might not have thought of. I occasionally watch TV tool shows, not for the projects but mostly for the things I learn by watching someone else wield a tool. I could care less about interviews, period (and that includes Mike Holmes or Bob Vila).

  3. Coach James says:

    I always enjoyed the podcasts, but if doing them really “pisses” you off, just don’t do them anymore.

  4. @Coach James
    I think, in context, he meant it pisses them off that they can’t do everything they want to do with it… they care enough about it to want it to be good quality, hence the request for reader input.

  5. Coach James says:

    Ok. That makes more sense. I think the idea of a once a month podcast would still be good.

  6. Shalin says:

    Sounds like a good plan! A season of 6 episodes or once a month – sounds good to me. I like the One Beer Projects podcasts too – maybe alternate between months? Need a suggested topic list from readers/listeners?


  7. Cameron says:

    I look forward to hearing the podcast again. It doesn’t have to be weekly…don’t kill yourself to get it out. I wish I had a project to offer. I mostly do puttering and tinkering.

  8. rick says:

    Well, drawing from personal expirance will likely be able to fill a monthly podcast. Whatever you have going on will likely be a good start. its spring, so this should be pretty easy. All sorts of tools are ifnding their way out of the shed and turning on (or not). A water barrel pump i have that doesnt work, the lawnmower that I winterized and ran perfectly, my generator I didnt winterize and ran perfectly (why did I bother winterizing it). Planting the garden.

    But if its no fun, who cares, dont do it. We would enjoy it. But if you dont enjoy it… dont. 🙂

  9. Adam says:

    Hey Guys, I’ve got a neat project I just finished this weekend. I’m a home beer brewer and wanted to high-tech up my process a little, so I built, from the ground up an all electric home brewery. Its microcontroller controlled, custom kettles made from old decommissioned beer kegs. Uses pumps, stainless plumbing parts, and the final part of the project was running the needed 240v 50a power to the garage to do it! I’d be happy to share more info!

  10. kyle says:

    Adam’s project sounds awesome and as a fellow home brewer I would love to hear about it.

  11. rob says:

    I’m not a home brewer but still sounds cool Adam
    I am a electronics geek

    I also have a project I finished a while back
    I modified a makita 18v li-ion charger and several dead batteries
    to bring them back to usefulness and it improve
    the charging quality of them and I plan on modding
    a makita jobsite radio to charge them as well

  12. ambush says:

    I’m pulling the heads off my 2000 mercury cougar, Not done yet though. They’re off, just not measured/inspected/cleaned and put back on.

  13. PutnamEco says:

    rob Says:
    I modified a makita 18v li-ion charger and several dead batteries
    to bring them back to usefulness and it improve
    the charging quality of them and I plan on modding
    a makita jobsite radio to charge them as well
    rob gets my vote for stories I would like to hear.

    The smart chargers and batteries used by the remote control model making crowd have my attention too. I would really like to have more options available when charging my tools batteries.

  14. Jerry Rupiper says:

    I really enjoy the content of your previous podcasts and eagerly await any new content you can put out via this media. I enjoy your practical understanding of what you are casting about and the insight into what your listeners would like to hear. Please continue as there are no “tool nuts” that share my passion in my small town and I appreciate the fact that there are many out there who feel the same way I do.

  15. Charles Rowland says:

    I enjoy your podcast and really enjoy it. I am in the military and its hard to get good info on projects and tools while I am deployed. I found your site my last deployment and will soon be deployed again. Great job.

  16. Steve says:

    So when are these coming out? I’ve already listened to like every episode, and now am going to be bored trying to go to sleep at night without one to listen to.

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