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Flood pants are the going style in your basement bonus room and you’re probably pretty bummed about the damage. If you’re lucky and it was just water and not backed up sewage, you may be able to remove the offending moisture from your carpet with a tool like the Phoenix Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor.

Phoenix claims their water extraction tool is the most effective one you can buy. Their patented suction roller compresses the carpet to force the water to the surface and then sucks the water away. They claim a single person can dry a 1200sq. ft. carpet and pad in under 2 hours.

The Hydro-X has a variable speed self-propelled drive and the unit itself can be steered — one company shows a guy riding one somewhat like a Segway. It connects to either an outside vacuum source like a truck-mount vacuum or it can use the optional vacuum pack to provide suction.

Drying out this way isn’t cheap — the Xtreme Xtractor will run you $3500 and the the Vacuum Pack will run another $3500. Unless you’re a pro, you might want to try the rental center first.

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