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Kreg may have a winner with their new Kreg Deck Kit™. Recently introduced, and to be available May 1st, the Deck Kit™ provides an easy way to build a new deck or refinish an old one, and without exposed fasteners. The Deck Jig™ has hardened steel drill guides that you use to drill holes in the edges of your deck boards with the Kreg step drill. Typically these holes are located to attached your deck boards to the joists using the center guides, but the jig also provides two other angled guides for attaching deck boards in “hard-to-reach areas.” Once the hole is drilled, a deck screw is inserted into the same drill guide and driven into the joist using a square driver bit with a stop collar.

The Kreg KTX #1 square drive Deck Screws, designed specifically for the Deck Jig™, have a flat-bottom head and a self-tapping tip. They’re available as stainless or Protec-Kote™, with three anti-corrosion layers. “They can also be used as simple face screws for a variety of outdoor projects.”

MSRP for the Deck Kit™, shown above on the left, is $99.99, and includes the Deck Jig™, a 6″ drill bit, a 6″ KTX square driver bit, two stop collars, one Allen wrench, three 5/16″ spacer rings, three 1/4″ spacer rings, 100 Protec-Kote™ deck screws, an instructional DVD, and a carrying case.

Kreg Deck Jig™ [Manufacturer’s Site]

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14 Responses to Kreg Deck Kit

  1. Old Coot says:

    Watch their 3-minute video @ the link. Very cool.

  2. Jerry says:

    Very cool kit! I have watched a local deck guy in my area build several decks for folks and he always runs the screws in through the edges of the decking rather than through the top face. He doesn’t use a jig of any sort – just standard deck screws and a good screw holder in his impact driver. His decks always come out so nice – wish mine looked so good – of course, the fact that I need to replace at least half my decking doesn’t help.
    Now, off to watch the video! Thanks for the link Old Coot.

  3. Jerry says:

    Actually, I meant to thank Old Coot for pointing out that there was a link, not for providing it. This tool got me so interested I completely missed seeing the link until it was mentioned

  4. Jim says:

    I wonder which one will win out? The Kreg system or the newly introduced Festool system…….

    Oh, I have my winner…Kreg. The Kreg system is simple and almost foolproof, fast with minimal steps, low initial tool expense, and low hardware expense (you can use any odd lot leftovers on other projects).

    Kreg, way to go!


  5. Shopmonger says:

    I would agree with Jim, what a nice idea and a reasonable price point…. Nice find

    The Shopmonger

  6. MattC says:

    I am going to refinish my desk this Summer and this kit is perfect for my needs. (Basically replacing old wood with either Trex or another Composite material). Definitely going to check out the Kreg website

  7. MattC says:

    -deck -sp

  8. Orpheus says:

    I watched the video, and though I love Kreg, I am really puzzled that this jig only seems to fasten the “leading” edge of each board. It seems to me that this would leave the “trailing” edge free, which would be a real problem if the board cupped, and make the (admittedly case-hardened) screws vulnerable if the board crowned as well. (The screw might not break, but the wood around it might tear out or loosen. Surely I’m missing something. What is it?

  9. Gordon DeWitte says:

    @ Orpheus: about halfway down on the linked page is a diagram (“3 Simple Steps”) that shows screws in both edges of the board.

  10. Jim says:


    In the video, although it primarily shows screwing the leading edge, it does briefly show fastening the trailing edge (at video points 24 sec, .53 sec, 1:51, 3:04). Also, the illustration shows two screws per board per joist (video point 1:00), one from each side.


  11. Average Joe says:

    Jim, Could you please elaborate on the Festool system you referred to? A link possibly? Thank you.

  12. Paul says:

    I’m skeptical to how well this system works, especially when using 5/4ths deckwood, I don’t think the wood is thick enough to really provide very much holding power by screwing it in the sides like that on one side of the wood.

    I recently completed a deck, and went with the method of screwing the deckboards from the bottom to hide all the fasteners, although it was a huge pain in the neck, its a sturdy deck, and I’d bet money its more sturdy that this system.

  13. Glenn says:

    My son installs decks and advises me to avoid using the spacers. He says to jamb the boards together as tight as i can, since treated wood will shrink and will open up in a very short time. Anyone thnk this would be a bad idea?

  14. Tim says:

    The video does not show the jig beig used with natural wood decking, but rather with synthetic decking so shrinking is not a problem, and the 1/4 inch spacing will remain stable.
    Real wood will have issues with shrinkage and swelling.

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