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Apparently, at some point when we weren’t looking, a Gorillapod snuck into the flashlight camp, and now we have the Gorillatorch. It looks like a Stanley™ SquidBrite, but uses three AA batteries instead of the 3.6V, 1.3Ah NiMH rechargeable battery in the SquidBrite. The SquidBrite has 20 LEDs, while the Gorillatorch has a single 65-lumen Cree LED. Both flashlights have adjustable light output (the Gorillatorch has a dimmer switch; the Squidbrite has a high/low option plus a flashing mode), flexible tripod arms that can wrap around objects, and are magnetic (the SquidBrite’s back and the Gorillatorch’s feet).

The Gorillatorch and the SquidBrite can be found online starting at around $26.

Any Toolmongers out there have experience with the Gorillatorch or the SquidBrite? What did you think?

Gorillatorch [Manufacturer’s Site]
Joby Gorillatorch Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Gorillatorch Street Pricing [Google Products]
Stanley SB0109 SquidBrite [What’s This?] [Amazon]
Squidbrite Street Pricing [Google Products]

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4 Responses to Gorillas Vs. Squids

  1. Eric says:

    I actually have both of them. If I could only keep one, though, it would be the Gorillatorch. Overall, it seems smaller and lighter, and a little more durable (at least, in the tripod legs). And here’s the other thing: The magnetic feet of the Gorillatorch mean you can stick it to something metal, then flex it around to the right spot, while the Squid only sticks flat on it’s back and isn’t flexible. I bought the Squid because I liked the tripod flexible tripod concept and the Gorillatorch wasn’t yet available for sale. The Gorillatorch came along as a Christmas gift, of which I am thankful for.

  2. BJN says:

    I have the Gorillatorch. It’s not as useful as I had hoped. The magnets are fine, but a little annoying since they stick to tools and fasteners in a tool bag. The legs aren’t long enough in my estimation – they’re limited on what they’ll wrap around and they’re not stiff enough to hold easily in some configurations. The detent on the light control isn’t strong enough. It’s easy to accidentally turn it on. The light’s beam is too focused for many projects and could use an accessory diffuser.

  3. mr.smashy says:

    >The light’s beam is too focused for many projects and could use an accessory diffuser.

    That’s my one complaint with the Gorillatorch. Otherwise it’s great.

  4. Mike Kelly says:

    I have the Gorillatorch, and use it to light the work I am doing on my tabletop milling machine. The magnets let me easily move it on and off my machine, and the tight beam is actually a benefit to me since I am trying to light the work right around my cutting tool.

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